Member: Eric
very good
Aug 25 2018
Member: Vidya
A pretty amazing reading and the fastest typist. Thank you
Aug 24 2018
Member: sara
Thanks so much
Aug 24 2018
Member: User_agutzg
He is very detail, inspirational, all I can do is be patient and wait. Thanks so much Michael G. I’m going re-read everything I’m just excited lol
Aug 23 2018
Member: User_kh5wrd
Very nice and sweet
Aug 22 2018
Member: Sean
Aug 22 2018
Member: User_2833354
Great and detailed
Aug 20 2018
Member: User_ymv5zf
Thank you! Very fast !
Aug 17 2018
Member: User_txz29v
Aug 16 2018
Member: eisor3
very good
Aug 15 2018
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