Member: Az7
Sorry for getting cut off Mariya, thank you so much for your time. Until next time again.
Jul 27 2020
Member: User_m27e7e
Jul 27 2020
Member: User_7802438
Jul 26 2020
Member: User_7596272
Quick and to the point .
Jul 24 2020
Member: User_5365737
Fast response and gets straight to the point! Absolutely correct and made me feel more hopeful for the future! Thank you!
Jul 21 2020
Member: User_6j6uxd
accurate on many things
Jul 20 2020
Member: User_8561736
Very nice
Jul 18 2020
Member: User_4763483
thank you!!
Jul 18 2020
Member: Tipan
Great reading.
Jul 15 2020
Member: User_4149123
Amazing !loved her
Jul 6 2020
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