Member: User_4401161
Nov 30 2021
Member: User_9012538
Told me some things I wish I didn’t have to wait so long but feel it’s true
Nov 30 2021
Member: kierotoknow
very consistent w predictions but timing is coming closer
Nov 29 2021
Member: Nikka
Great session and direct!
Nov 29 2021
Member: User_m9i5es
Absolutely great read. She sees things clearly and is truthful and sincere.
Nov 29 2021
Member: sh121314
Always goes over and beyond.
Nov 28 2021
Member: sh121314
Enjoy my readings with her
Nov 27 2021
Member: User_4405037
Great talk, thanks for reassuring me
Nov 26 2021
Member: slyhfox
Sylvia is very informative!!
Nov 25 2021
Member: Tina
It's a blessing to have someone to talk to when you really need the most. Sylvia is always there for me.
Nov 25 2021
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