Member: User_700119
May 18 2022
Member: luv27
Great soul Great reason as always
May 18 2022
Member: User_s257dx
She is amazing
May 17 2022
Member: User_9875545
thanks SSR, I know you prayed for me during the past few weeks, because my sleep was better, and I felt less emotional, I was coping better this week......Also, "She" is better I feel no longer do I sense any malice...but I am careful.......I know without you , I would have been in a terrible state and will have done crazy things...and loose him forever...But I am stronger now.
May 16 2022
Member: User_4568415
Very detail reading. Fingers crossed for positive results.
May 15 2022
Member: User_3703054
May 15 2022
Member: User_6966738
Thank you. Quick check-in. We’ll see how things turn out.
May 15 2022
Member: Xty
Great as always!!!!
May 14 2022
Member: User_1799882
She encourage me to be chills on my hard situation current. Thank you maam
May 14 2022
Member: User_5828123
Awesome reading well understanding, felt connection and so accurate
May 13 2022

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