Member: User_7097589
Did not connect:/
Sep 10 2022
Member: User_9875545
I had a great chat today SSR. My session today with her was totally life changing. She mentored me on how to change. I am progressing.....thank you so much. Everything she says is true. Lots of love..and blessings to you too.
Sep 9 2022
Member: User_2171394
I liked the reading.
Sep 7 2022
Member: User_6861815
No word to express my gratitude to her, thank you very much
Sep 7 2022
Member: User_2030864
on point reading!!! I will be calling back . thank you so much for the information.
Sep 4 2022
Member: SimpleMe
Thank you so much for being my rock to help & guide me though - SSR is amazing if you have not yet done so, encourage you to give her a try.
Sep 3 2022
Member: User_6421362
Right on the nose.
Sep 2 2022
Member: User_5220798
Great reading
Sep 1 2022
Member: User_9859651
Always excellent
Aug 31 2022
Member: User_9875545
thanks for the reading. it was very positive and I can finally see the light in the end of the tunnel..there is real hope, for this man who is the love of my life...Love you SSR... One thing I wanted to share with you is that i will never have the courage to cut off this person if it was not for you. Today I will never had the oppportunity to feel his emotions because of my bravery to cut off this toxic. Also you said he had a big project, he did... and you said that he is getting old now or feeling it... he had mentioned this the other day...
Aug 31 2022
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