Member: tarot20
so detailed and connected thank you
Dec 3 2019
Member: User_1645956
She was great! Tuned in right away. Hoping her predictions are correct!
Dec 3 2019
Member: Eternity
I am shook, that reading was incredible. She could really read his thoughts, she even sounded like him. The way he talks. It was crazy. It was like it was him talking to me. Confirmed what my intuition was already telling me. Thank you so much, this reading has really given me a sense of direction in this situation.
Nov 27 2019
Member: Nadia
Gah absolutely amazing... seriously in shock how detailed and accurate this reading was. ??
Nov 27 2019
Member: chris6674
Great reading as always,tunes in very well to the situation and really reads the other person well
Nov 26 2019
Member: jjgolfer
right on !!!
Nov 25 2019
Member: User_7748382
awesome reading
Nov 24 2019
Member: User_tz9jqq
She got a crazy ass gift! Definitely talk to her if you wanna “get inside their head”
Nov 23 2019
Member: rachelc_927
She’s the best. Taps in quickly and with accurate read on information.
Nov 20 2019
Member: User_1989835
Amazing. The real deal
Nov 19 2019
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