Member: Abc
Thank you . I will keep you informed
Sep 17 2018
Member: User_inzpb7
Two years we have talked. Sift through the carnival psychics and in the end there may on this whole site be 3 true clairvoyants. Ben is one. The first time I talked to him years ago I said my name is XXXXX. He said you are calling about a girl and she lives in either Greece or Italy. She lived in Italy. He told me how she looked and more. I never said a word. He is always right correct and incredible. Please do not waste your time. Call him ge sees it all. He has told me things I did not like. I found out later he was correct. Ben you are my friend... Merci beaucoup mon ami Talk again soon
Apr 15 2018
Member: tarot20
thank you
Mar 20 2018
Member: User_7uujs4
very good reader! wow!
Oct 24 2017
Member: User_hx566h
Sep 12 2017
Member: User_7gyrt5
May 12 2017
Member: Lanie
He is good. very good.
Apr 4 2017
Member: User_x6dswe
He is amazing!
Mar 20 2017
Member: User_e2mdcq
First off I will change the review once I see the things he says come true. He did know some things that I was feeling and a few things that I didn't tell him. He gave me some very specific dates so I will have to wait see if these things happen as he says they will. Deep down I hope they do, but I am not sure if I gave him too much info.
Nov 22 2016
Member: Oloppaz
This review is a little overdue. Ben's knowledge and insight is truly amazing - knows things that others do not - almost scary the detail he provides. I do hope his prediction comes to pass at which time I will leave an even more in-depth and raving review.
Nov 3 2016
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