Member: User_1698719
Thanks always
Sep 22 2022
Member: User_1160739
Thanks for all the help
Sep 22 2022
Member: User_8038424
Sep 21 2022
Member: User_xbwumi
Thank you Nic!!
Sep 20 2022
Member: Gabriel8
Thank you for an outstanding detailed reading
Sep 16 2022
Member: User_1160739
Thanks so much for your help
Sep 15 2022
Member: User_3510765
Straight to the point.
Sep 12 2022
Member: User_1160739
Always makes me so happy in a humble way, has never ever steered me wrong… a light in my path!!
Sep 12 2022
Member: User_xbwumi
Thank you Nic!! I don't know what I'd do without you...
Sep 11 2022
Member: User_7675296
First, I have had two opportunites to get a reading from Nicola. The first was verbal and the second a chat. In both cases, she was direct, honest and on point. But what gets me the most and the reason I went back is because she doesn't try to make you hang on to the phone to bill more. She is what she feels like: honest.
Sep 10 2022

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