Member: KKS
thank you that was amazing
Nov 20 2021
Member: User_7517682
very good reading
Nov 18 2021
Member: User_3899667
She is the real deal
Nov 17 2021
Member: User_8470760
Two predictions came true!! I can’t wait for the other predictions to unfold
Nov 14 2021
Member: sassy88
always outstanding!
Nov 11 2021
Member: ashley evans
Outstanding as always. She has been right about 90% of what she says. The other 10% is usually timelines or things surrounding timelines.
Nov 10 2021
Member: User_7869699
So lovely to connect again!
Nov 10 2021
Member: User_8460886
Super understanding
Nov 5 2021
Member: User_8460886
Super honest about my situationand kind!
Nov 1 2021
Member: User_4670936
Thank u
Nov 1 2021
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