Member: Jackiee
Thank you so much for the info! I’m shocked! Great reading
May 29 2021
Member: new_here
thank you
May 27 2021
Member: JoAnn
I had another reading with Tiffany. She picks up so much from the POI and even how the POI talks. It's amazing what she can pick up from this person. She even picks on my energy as well. Everything Tiffany has told me as come true. I just have to be patient and wait on a couple of other things. She is worth the time and money. Thank you Tiffany.
May 26 2021
Member: User_4750829
Accurate! Amazing!
May 26 2021
Member: User_3405012
Amazing amazing amazing! Thank you so much!
May 22 2021
Member: JoAnn
Where do I start with Tiffany. Truly amazes me what she can pick up on the POI. She is real and honest. She tells it like she sees it. Very humble and sincere. She picks up the POI to a tee. Like she said I need to be patient. Everything she has told me has come thru. Just waiting on a couple more things.
May 22 2021
Member: User_4750829
Amazing!!!! Accurate!!! Worth it!!!
May 21 2021
Member: User_4223114
So amazing !!! Wow !!
May 16 2021
Member: User_6225357
Great reading
May 7 2021
Member: User_7970985
Thank you so so much for a amazing chat. Thanks to you I have a hope that everything will be ok
May 4 2021
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