Member: User_7931163
She just blew my mind how good she was..God bless u Cristina
Oct 24 2020
Member: User_7115396
Cristina is always spot on as that’s why I always come back , tlove her guidance she is the real deal.
Oct 23 2020
Member: User_jtykqy
Wow again
Oct 22 2020
Member: ron
Well-connected with the situation.
Oct 21 2020
Member: Kristin
Oct 20 2020
Member: User_ymfssr
very good
Oct 19 2020
Member: User_6127278
Thank you Cristina! I’ll be back :)
Oct 18 2020
Member: Azlupe
Oct 17 2020
Member: Keannaplot
Lovely Reading, so much compassion!
Oct 16 2020
Member: User_j9e34n
Oct 16 2020

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