Member: User_3275492
Fast, kind, insightful
May 26 2022
Member: User_6312793
fantastic reading, honest and straightforward
May 26 2022
Member: User_9957208
Trilogy brought up almost all of the things I had been thinking of pursuing . I don’t know which to start with or maybe I should be doing all of them. I should have asked which one to start with.
May 25 2022
Member: User_707832
So wonderful - thank you so much
May 23 2022
Member: User_951285
She is very honest but kind about it. It feels very real what she is saying, unfortunately for me. Thank you!
May 22 2022
Member: User_3275492
Past prediction with timeline, down to the smallest detail happened as she predicted. She’s the real deal.
May 19 2022
Member: User_6270247
She was very kind, specific, and insightful. She provided accurate and good detail.
May 18 2022
Member: User_3275492
Reassuring, fast, and consistent
May 17 2022
Member: User_3275492
Fast, consistent with other readings I’ve had, gives the true with compassion
May 12 2022
Member: User_6902767
Amazing!!! Can’t believe me eyes. Her messages ??
Apr 24 2022
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