Member: safire
the best as always
Sep 21 2007
Member: safire
outstanding accurate detailed george is the best thank you george
Aug 2 2007
Member: Sincerely Me
Jul 11 2007
Member: yasmin4
too slow typist i didnt have a clue whether he had a connection with me or not didnt give me the opp to see.....and wasted my money on just typing away the procedure of how he will go about answering my readings and started off with a very general starting which i think anyone cud do a psychic or no pyschic. he did the reading time after i cliked the hire button which i thought was a bit unfair he shud of took the details off me and then before and started the reading before i hit hire and then asked me to hit hire wen he was ready to type the read!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was paying for something i didnt get ......
May 23 2007
Member: sosilove07
very precise with the time frames, said accurate things. As far as predictions, he was to the point, detailed, and gave me a time frame. I just have to wait and see if it happens! The only thing is he sometimes went on rambling and took a while to get to the point, but that's ok
Jan 4 2007
Member: Luna11
intune, helpful reader
Aug 24 2006
Member: kananilehua
Probably the worst news i have ever recieved on this site, but if it is true, then everyone else here is I dont know. He was nice though thank you
Aug 22 2006
Member: JohnPR
A remarkable guy. deeply intuitive, and equally as important to me, both intelligent and sophisticated. I appreciate his judgement in business as well as personal matters
Aug 18 2006
Member: DJP
be back by the end of month with updates
Aug 17 2006
Member: lisa101
Cool! really like this guy. tuned right in to the situation dead on! to you in a few days xxx
Aug 10 2006
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