Member: User_9088677
Thanks for all of the helpful information and also for always following up on the situation. I look forward to your next update!
Jul 1 2022
Member: User_5916041
Nathalye is very helpful and is great at picking up my feelings and energy. Thank you so much for all the work and help you have put in for me. If more messages come through, feel free to let me know. :)
Jul 1 2022
Member: RizSam76
Absolutely amazing as always
Jul 1 2022
Member: User_1022395
nailed it. now for the things to actually happen. hopefully it will and I can finally say you're right. thank you for following up and updating me
Jul 1 2022
Member: User_5304249
I pray you are right nathalye
Jul 1 2022
Member: User_668654
predictions never did happened. she is to expensive not to be close enough you don't pay 30.00 a hour to chat with a physic and nothing happened. i am so disappointed
Jun 29 2022
Member: User_1022395
thanx. let's see what happens
Jun 19 2022
Member: User_3833210
Jun 17 2022
Member: User_1022395
thanks again so much talk again soon. hope you are right
Jun 16 2022
Member: User_1022395
Jun 15 2022
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