Member: User_8969375
Nov 13 2019
Member: User_222766
Thanks a lot master
Nov 10 2019
Member: Raymond
He told me evrything right about my partner
Nov 5 2019
Member: User_222766
Thanks a lot master! Will keep you posted
Nov 5 2019
Member: User_8955265
Nov 3 2019
Member: User_1022921
Nov 2 2019
Member: User_4772xx
Thank you again. I absolutely had to go because of money. This is just been such a long weird situation in my life. Thank you again
Oct 31 2019
Member: User_222766
Outstanding person. Highly recommend! Clarity of channeling is extremely high and provides the complete picture. Completely trust him
Oct 31 2019
Member: User_222766
Thanks very much
Oct 26 2019
Member: Kanfish01
Excited to see all these words come to life!!!
Oct 24 2019
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