Member: sh121314
She is amazing! She told me things which I could verify now. They were hard! She really guides me as a friend.
May 15 2022
Member: Diamond
Awesome! All of her predictions are coming true! Amazing. Highly recommend calling her.
May 15 2022
Member: User_3741793
Just wanted to take the time to leave a review for Maura.She doesn't get as many reviews as she should because of the way things are set up for phone reviews but just wanted to thank her for guidance and being so kind and sweet. She is like talking to a good friend that just happens to be psychic. She is quick and to the point and reads my poi well and what is going on in their life and their personality. Give her a call as she is really gifted.
May 14 2022
Member: Diamond
Fantastic advice! I highly recommend her.
Apr 29 2022
Member: meohmy
Totally accurate. Fast. Quick. Only 2nd reading. First was exactly accurate so I returned. She nailed it.
Apr 15 2022
Member: lily
Apr 9 2022
Member: Diamond
Always comforting and great predictions! Thanks again. Excellent advice.
Apr 4 2022
Member: Lena
Maura, has been an outstanding reader. She is also powerful today, could be because it's Friday and also new moon?. But information was non-stop flowing and it was a very pleasant that connected from the last reading she did. Always highly recommended.
Apr 1 2022
Member: Donte
Mara is the Best.. she taps into energies with the quickness, her predictions always come true come chat with her asap <3
Apr 1 2022
Member: Kimberly
Divine Spiritual Advisor has been my go-to psychic for months. She is accurate, always pleasant and to the point. She is outstanding!
Mar 23 2022
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