Member: User_6728627
Aug 13 2020
Member: User_5204430
Thank you!
Aug 12 2020
Member: KealebogaYathandwa
Aug 12 2020
Member: User_1656943
Honest and straight to the point
Aug 12 2020
Member: User_8bhm2u
Slower compared to other Advisors but nice reading
Aug 12 2020
Member: User_6069681
Amazing reading, I hope it happens!
Aug 12 2020
Member: User_729372
Short sweet and to the point.
Aug 11 2020
Member: cgray
Stef is great - always to the point and always kind when delivering the news. Thank you.
Aug 11 2020
Member: User_1421243
Very kind and honest
Aug 10 2020
Member: User_7802947
Clear and short, accurate and to the point
Aug 10 2020

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