Member: User_4467512
Pretty blunt but tells it how it is. Not everyone's style but accurate in the sense to make you think for yourself, which can be a good thing and not rely on others to decide for you.
Jul 4 2020
Member: User_8565151
Jul 3 2020
Member: User_9318801
Jul 2 2020
Member: User_dw7tne
Thank you
Jul 2 2020
Member: User_dw7tne
My bestie in my head
Jul 2 2020
Member: User_7662058
Short and to the point. Clear
Jul 2 2020
Member: User_dw7tne
Thank you
Jun 30 2020
Member: Ree
Great reading
Jun 27 2020
Member: User_inzpb7
I came online and looked at the discussions inused to have with her four years ago and realized every single thing she said was true and I did not know it at the time. I kind of was not kind to her and I very much regret it you should talk to her she is wonderful she’s accurate and she’s a very nice person.
Jun 25 2020
Member: User_6239104
Nice person, it was comfortable speaking with her. Thanks Elizabeth
Jun 24 2020
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