6 Questions That Will Change Your Lifes

Susan Speaks with Spirit
Top Psychic Advisor / 30+ Years of Experience / Psychic, Medium, Clairvoyant
Top Psychic Advisor / 30+ Years of Experience / Psychic, Medium, Clairvoyant

The Life Rune Casting is one of the most popular means of divination. It involves a series of questions that lead you to reflect on your path, adversities and conflicts in life. It helps define what leads you to the choices you've made and what needs to be brought into the cold hard light of day about one's self and one's place in this life. It offers some truths one may not yet be ready to accept.

The questions are solely about the self and the self's actions/reactions in the larger world.

1. What is my nature?
i.e. what personality traits should I address to make my journey through life happier?

2. Why was I born?
i.e. what is my gift to offer the world?

3. What is my vocation?
i.e. what is the best way to offer my gifts to this world?

4. What is my cross?
i.e. what burden/adversity have I been given in this life that I may learn to turn to a positive?

5. What is my Unified Self?
i.e. what must I cultivate in myself to be my authentic self in this life?

6. What is my Destiny?
i.e. what is my hidden power to control my own fate?

right 6 questions right 6 questions

Conquering Your Karmic Energies

Some call Life Rune Casting the Destiny Profile and it's not that far off base in that it tells you the energies, lessons and adversities with which you’ve come into this life on a karmic level. That doesn’t mean it’s destiny that you work with these energies your entire life. It means these are your strengths and/or constraints. These are the truths about one’s self that must be learned on an emotional level. However, I believe one can circumvent that 'destiny', simply because I don't believe in destiny. There is only fate that brings us choices. We are not victims of destiny. The divine Universe gifted us all free will!

It is easy to view these karmic energies under which we’ve been born as a sort of cage or punishment. They are not. They are gifted to us as a means of growth and understanding of ourselves and our place in this world.

Circumventing a more constrained or negative karma by learning to think, act and react in new ways to change those energies is no small task.

My advice is, never ask one or all of the Life Rune Casting series unless you’re prepared to face the answers full on and deal with them. These are answers to life matters that need to be accepted so that they may be addressed and true change may happen.

I have done Life Rune Castings for clients that I’ve watched go through what I call a “little death.” They go through the five steps of grief: Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and ultimately acceptance, where they let go of the conceptions they’ve had of themselves and the influence (or lack of influence) under which they’ve made their choices. It is then they can begin to make true change, conquer their karmic energies and create and manifest the life they’ve always dreamed of living.

right 6 questions right 6 questions

It would be helpful to understand that there is no such thing as a bad destiny. The Life Rune Casting shows you the challenges and strengths utilized in working of the other five life path questions. The last question "What is my Destiny" needs to be done last in relation to the others, although the other five can be done in any order. As I said earlier, one must come to a Life Rune Cast reading with an open heart and open mind to effect the best change necessary to conquer disadvantages.

The Life Rune Casting is a profile, not a predictive tool. It is one to offer illumination on one's life, path, choices and how it can all be met, accepted, challenged and changed. It is an empowering exploration that will help with all areas of your life.

Rune Casting for Your Year Ahead

March is the perfect month to awaken your heart. if you’re feeling ready to really change your life, get your Life Rune Casting profile, and start the new year with more self-knowledge and enjoy a more self-directed life in all the years to come.

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