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What to expect from a 3 Card Tarot Reading
For thousands of years, people have wanted to better understand their past in order to help with their present and gain clarity about what their future holds. When turning to psychics for insights, most people are wanting to know what the future has in store for them, but it is important to realize that understanding what has happened in the past holds the key to understanding what is about to come in the future.

Tarot card readings are one of the most ancient forms of fortune telling which people use to gain insights about their future. The classic 3 card tarot reading utilizes the past, present, future tarot spread to provide clarity about a situation and give you a sneak peak of what’s to come. The first card you draw represents your past, the second card represents your present, and the third card represents your future.
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The Wheel of Fortune implies that a big change is coming your way and you won't have much, if any, control over the outcome. Yet it is highly likely to affect the way you live your life. Bigger forces are at work. Fate might be stepping in, or the conditions on the ground might be changing due to practical or legal reasons. Either way, at this point, it is best to just accept that some things are just meant to be, or aren’t meant to be.
You’re likely to experience success soon. It can come about due to the completion of a project you’ve worked on long and hard. If you’re a writer, you might get published. If you’re an artist, you might get a gallery to exhibit your work. If you work for someone else, you might get a promotion. If you are a stay-at-home mom, expect recognition from your family. What matters is that you’ll be recognized for your hard work. Accept the accolades, you deserve it.
You’re likely to experience a moment of enlightenment about an important situation. You’ll be seeing everything with fresh eyes; you’ll find new details and nuances you didn’t notice before. If it’s a situation you’ve been wanting to change, The Tower indicates a favorable time. Though the change might come abruptly and feel like “too much too soon,” rest assured things are only going to get better. The Tower indicates independence and new beginnings. Very soon, you’re likely to enjoy increased autonomy, authority and freedom.
You’re likely to experience new joys, wonders and blessings that might feel sudden or unexpected but oh-so-welcome. If there’s something you’ve been wanting for a long time, it’s more likely to happen now than it was in the past, and you might not even have to work for it. Sometimes things happen when we let go or give up. The Sun predicts such blessed surprises. Your life is heading in a highly positive, beautiful direction; relax and enjoy the wondrous ride.
If you have been feeling confused, overwhelmed or misled, relax – The Star indicates you’re likely to enter a peaceful, positive period. Believe that you deserve the best and you’ll see situations turning your way. Friendly surprises will be around the corner if you can place your faith in the universe. Remember, even though other people are involved, the strength of your faith is in your own hands. Humbly own your role in everything that happened (without self-blame) and the future will unfold in your favor.
You’re likely to enjoy increased psychic sensitivity for a few days or even weeks. Your dreams, intuitions, hunches or even random passing thoughts are likely to offer deep and true insights into situations, allowing you to be really tuned in. You might at first feel distrust, especially if you’re not a naturally intuitive person and this might make you confuse your fears with hunches. But the Moon says what’s to come is nice and sweet. Enjoy your new powers while they last.
You are entering a period where you’ll know what you want, want it with passion, and be able to act on it. The magician emphasizes clarity and strong intentions. In the next few days or weeks, the growing strength of your will power is likely to help things unfold in your favor and bring you success. It won’t be effortless, but it will be rewarding. To prepare yourself, do something spiritually nourishing such as meditation, yoga, or reading a book.
Romantic love is important for everyone, but for you, these days, it’s especially important. The Lovers card indicates one of two likely situations: either that your relationship is about to become life-changing, or that you are getting way too nostalgic about a lost love. If it’s the former, just go with the flow; there’s no need to worry. If it’s the latter, it could be that you really miss being in love. Love will come if you focus on the future.
The High Priestess indicates unknowns that aren’t likely to be resolved any time soon. If you’ve been finding it difficult to open up to most people, know that you’re a deeply spiritual person, someone who experiences life profoundly, and so you need equally deep people who can see through situations and see through you. You can wait it out or seek consultation, meditate or contemplate. This isn’t a favorable time to act. Rather, it’s a time to pause, tune in and listen.
The Hermit is a reminder to start focusing on your inner, real needs. It might be a good time to withdraw from the world around you for a while – not cut anybody off or disappear, but simply take a break to concentrate on your self-development. Discover what your soul wants and needs. The Hermit could also represent your need to find a wise person, such as a teacher, a healer, a psychic or a spiritual advisor who can help you find your inner truths.
You might be feeling like the proverbial black sheep. Someone who’s different, who thinks and acts in their own unique way no matter what. It’s people like you who go on to change the world. If you have a new business idea, feel like traveling the world, or want to come out of the closet about anything that makes you unique, the Hanged Man suggests you must! Allow what sets you apart to shine. It’s the right time to stand up for your soul.
A new and exciting beginning is now a possibility. It’s a favorable time to leap forward as the beginner’s luck is on your side. If you’re about to start dating again, take a new job, join a social club, or start a fitness program, don’t wait at all. Put practical worries aside; even small details will work themselves out. It’s like you just hit 777 - you have the right kind of luck and support as you enter the next phase of your life.
The Empress showers people with deep feelings, heightened pleasures, and new levels of passion. Her task is to signal at unforgettable, picture-worthy moments, such as the arrival of a baby into your family or close circle of friends, unexpected generosity that makes your jaw drop, reuniting with the love of your life, or you or a loved one winning a coveted prize. Do your best to embrace such once-in-a-lifetime type of joys with an open heart, really take them in, make them yours!
You might be overwhelmed by the power display of a person in your life. They might try to stifle or threaten you. They might do this overtly or subtly. Either way, the Devil suggests that this evil is weaker than it looks. You can walk away or even change the situation. If a part of you wants nothing changed, discover what subconscious motives you might have. Is it the financial security? The promise of love? Don’t sacrifice your long-term self-respect for short-term gain.
You’re either in the middle of a challenging and still escalating situation, or about to get entangled in one. This situation contains contradictions, arguments, and problems. At times it is difficult to keep everything under control. But the Chariot suggests eventual success. It will require you to work very hard and be emotionally strong. Apply your will power and make your decisions heard by everyone loud and clear. You’ll feel much stronger afterwards. Don’t back down; buckle up and take the next challenge head on.
You might find yourself in a complicated, morally confusing situation where the best thing to do, for the time being, might be to take the middle road or no action at all. Especially if it’s a situation that involves many people. Temperance suggests that not all relevant facts have been made available, that it might be too soon to come to conclusions. Try to wait it out or take a side only when you’re sure you have all the details.
The Strength card hints at the likelihood of events that affect whole families, neighborhoods, cities or even countries. It could be a natural disaster, political unrest, or some other negative ordeal. You might get emotionally carried away. You might find yourself taking sides, feeling angry or frustrated. It would serve you, however, to do the opposite. Come back to your center, back to calm, regardless of what’s happening out there. You can’t change the whole world, but you can change your own.
You are likely to feel a lot of love for life and the world very soon. You’ll be feeling very alive, sensual, sexual, loving, and compassionate. You’ll feel like a divine deity, capable of spiritual greatness. It will feel beautiful but you might also feel vulnerable to verbal or spiritual attacks. Most likely, these will remain fears and won’t turn into an actual attack, but they’ll make you realize you still have some work to do in the self-trust and self-awareness departments.
The Queen of Wands urges you to indulge in worldly pleasures - guilt free. Try not to judge it because your body and soul could use some “downtime” and just enjoy what the world has to offer. Give yourself permission to be lazy – enjoy watching television when you have dishes in the sink, or take extra time in the morning to appreciate the taste of freshly brewed coffee. If you can do all this, the Queen of Wands suggests you’ll cultivate happiness.
The Queen of Swords suggests you have likely experienced great sorrow. You might have lost the love of your life, an amazing job or your house. You have felt deep grief, the kind of grief most people can’t even understand. Your sadness is real. It is rightful. But the card emphasizes the vast wisdom acquired after such a loss. You are stronger than before. Now you can take risks because you are not afraid to lose. You can create the life you want without fear.
Sometimes you feel a deep, heavy sadness that comes from nowhere, then disappears back into the same unknown place, only to reappear later? Even though things look fine on the surface at present time, this sadness keeps coming back. Sitting on a big body of water, the Queen of Cups reminds us that still waters run deep – your deepest emotions including unexpressed grief, sorrow, and unshed tears are looking for a way to come to the surface. They want to be heard, seen, and healed.
You are likely to discover a new interest, enjoyable hobby, or a more serious pursuit, which will fascinate you beyond words and imagination! You’ll be devoting considerable amounts of time, effort and resources into your newfound passion. Because you’ll be coming deep from the heart, you’ll be successful at what you do, just naturally. But even the success won’t matter to you, because you will be so happy you found something that speaks to you so deeply. It’s a gift to your soul.
You are likely to embark on a much-desired wholesome new beginning. Your strong determination shows much you want this. Wands symbolize zest for life – just look at the intent way the figure in the card is holding his wand. But the salamanders, which normally catch their own tail, are every which way on his dress. This tells us that while well-begun is half done, you will want to make sure your newfound commitment is just as strong a few months down the road.
These days you're feeling like most things aren’t worth fussing over. It is a good idea, in general, to be detached like this, to not let anxiety get to you. But there’s something called “good stress,” which taken in small doses is motivating. The Page of Swords suggests this is what you need. There is a difference between taking it easy and taking the easy way out. Keep a balanced perspective between being carefree and taking responsibility, in order not to lose people’s trust.
A period of psychic sensitivity is upon your door. You might see signs and omens where others don’t. The beauty of this period is that you’ll still have both feet on the ground, minding your own business, going about your day the way you normally do. The fish coming out of the cup suggests it’s an opportune time to explore intuitive arts and sciences such as astrology (i.e. your natal chart) or numerology (i.e. your personal numerology report). You’re likely to discover great wisdom.
Have you been feeling a lack of meaning to your life recently? The things you do have practical value but they don’t contribute to any long-term vision. You might have even lost sight of your life calling. You’re not alone. Most people go through this phase at some point. It could help to talk to those who’re living their dream life, or who are successful in a particular life area. It doesn’t have to be “big,” as long as the story moves you.
The Knight of Wands symbolizes youthful risk-taking energy combined with lack of experience. The latter might have a negative effect on the outcome unless it’s worked into the equation. You must make sure to have enough stability and sureness in your life to be able to offset the risks you want to take. This could mean having sufficient savings, a secondary income or people who can back you. It could also mean getting advice from those who’ve been there, done that.
Where do you draw the line between ambition and obsession? You are likely feeling a tremendous drive to overcome all obstacles and make things happen for you. But it could be that in wanting to see things happen your way, you’re overstepping people’s boundaries, hurting their feelings, acting oblivious to their needs. You are courageous, powerful, and highly skilled, but others might be thinking of you as a bully or a fanatic. Your dreams will come true, but don’t lose people along the way.
Your dreams about the future might remain mere fantasies if you continue to spend more time imagining them than taking action. The Knight’s helmet and feet are winged symbolizing your desire to fly high. The empty cup in his hand symbolizes your yet-to-manifest dreams while the fish on his clothing symbolize your desire to rely on luck. It’s a gift to have a deeply creative mind – only if you can pair it with real-world action will you turn your dreams into realities.
A go-getter attitude with a lot of fiery energy and boundless optimism – you’re likely to enter a new period in your life where you’ll feel this way, or that there’s someone in your life who personifies these qualities. It’s a powerful energy and it’s contagious. If you want to achieve amazing results and readily get others to help you, King of Wands suggests embodying as much of this strong, dynamic energy as possible, while keeping a positive attitude about the future.
You, or someone close to you, might be acting like a dictator! The mind has taken over the heart. Control is preferred to flexibility. If it’s you, why do you run such a tight ship? Are you afraid that if people do their own thing, it won’t be good? If it’s your boss or someone in your family, have they always been like this, or did you contribute to the problem by acting irresponsibly? Neither strictness nor inaction is healthy. The situation begs to be improved.
The past might have been filled with doubt, setbacks or impatience, maybe including even recently, but the King of Pentacles suggests upcoming success and relief. You showed faith and patience, and you’ve become a stronger person. While this success probably has to do with your career or finances, it could also have to do with any project in any life area which you worked hard for and cared a lot about. Get ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
Have you been suppressing your creative imagination for the sake of your career, family or social responsibilities? Creativity requires expression, encouragement, and a supportive environment – the question is, would you like to share your creative powers with the world? If yes, how can you change your environment to accommodate your needs? Maybe you want to paint, write, or simply add flexibility to the way things are done in your office. Whatever it is, it needs your attention so you can enjoy a more joyful existence.
What’s happening right now most likely has roots in past events. If you aren’t happy with the way things are turning out, Justice indicates the need for absolute honesty. Explore in your mind and heart how you could’ve done things differently in the past. But also, what can you do today to create a different future? If you’re happy with how things are, you might still want to do an inner analysis – pinpointing what worked will help you be even more confident in the future.
You might feel a powerful call from within, a tremendous inner push to change the way you’ve been living your life. This might include moving to a new city, taking a job in a brand-new field, picking up a hobby that you normally wouldn’t consider, or dating someone who isn’t your type. It is a welcome change, one that you’ll enjoy for years to come. If this doesn’t sound like you, you’re likely turning a deaf ear to your inner calling due to fear of change.
The Hierophant implies ancient belief systems that are limiting or disempowering. They might make you feel like not much is changing in your life despite all your efforts. Often, these beliefs are deeply entrenched, as they have to do with our familial upbringing, the environment we grew up in, and our perceived place in society. It’s now an opportune time to review what you believe about yourself, other people, and life in order to find flexibility and freshness in your thinking, actions and reactions.
Is there a person in your life who has too much power or influence over you? Someone whom you try to always please or get approval from? It might be time to realize what this relationship is doing to you. This card may also symbolize situations that cause you to feel small, such as a draining legal battle, friends who act like bullies, or a work environment that has no room for flexibility. Ask yourself, what can you do to find your own power?
Relationships, environments, and experiences that no longer serve you are highly likely to drop away from your life. Abruptly, without prior notice, just like that. You might feel a sense of loss, but by letting go of no-longer-useful situations, you’ll only be opening up space for new and better things. You might fear the unknown, and even though the old doesn’t serve you anymore, you might cling to it. But what’s to come is likely much better than what you’re letting go of.
You are off to a great start. Ace of Wands indicates power, healthy ambition, and commitment. It’s the purity of your intentions that brings about good luck and blessings. Your high energy will attract helpful people and many positive, fruitful situations along the way. If you’re just starting a relationship, expect amazing moments. If you’re starting a business or a new project, you’re on the right path. And if you want to patch things up with friends or relatives, it’s likely to go well, too.
You are relying too much on your mind and not enough on your heart. In situations that require the intellect, this is a winning strategy. But where human relations are concerned, rationality has its limits. Ace of Swords suggests a need to strike balance between your heart and your mind, without demoting the latter. You may want to remember how big of a motivator emotion can be. Love makes people cross oceans, write books, or build palaces. Your feelings are your friends. Don’t shun them.
You’re about to start seeing magic in the seemingly ordinary aspects of life. A beautiful sunrise, a blooming flower, an ant colony working together, a dog running happily – all these will move you. You’ll find solace in natural marvels. Most likely, you’ll pick up gardening or walking in the woods as a hobby, or maybe you’ll get pets and tune into their natural rhythm. If this doesn’t sound like you, nature has all the answers you’re looking for; it’s just that you haven’t realized it yet.
Love can’t be forced. It can only be received. There’s a lot of love around you, waiting for you to open to it. If you feel that this isn’t the case, it might be time to explore what love means to you. Does it mean your friends must support you even when they think you’re making a mistake? Can you feel the love when they honestly oppose you? Ace of Cups indicates the presence of genuine love, but emphasizes your need to broaden its definition.
The Ten of Wands suggests you have taken on all the weight of a situation. Remember, you can’t fix everything on your own and you alone shouldn’t be responsible for all aspects of a situation either. Soon you might start feeling resentment towards others. It might be a good idea to reevaluate things, as the card suggests unnecessary effort. The kind that is exhausting, frustrating, and time consuming. Compare the effort you put in to the effort others show – why should you do more?
You are frequently trying too hard, driving yourself to burnout. You probably have all these voices in your head, constantly criticizing you, telling you how you should have done things differently. You can’t win with yourself. It takes one sword to kill; yet, like the man in the image lying dead with ten swords stuck into his back, you have aimed ten swords, all at yourself. Stop it or soon you’ll die inside. It’s time to treat yourself with compassion and support.
There’s so much magic around you but you might not be noticing it. Other people look at you and think you’re lucky, but you don’t see what they’re talking about. Little things get to you easily. You might be too involved in arguments, not realizing that we’re all alive and well and we all want the same thing – a good life. It might be time to take a step back, let go of the quarrels, be the bigger person and start to appreciate what you have.
If you’re dreaming of starting a family, rest assured your dreams will come true and you’ll never regret it. It will be colorful, happy and fulfilling. If, on the other hand, you already have a family but your family life isn’t the best it could be, Ten of Cups suggests that things are likely to get much better. Family members will put petty arguments and fights aside. There might be a small incident which might feel big while it’s happening; it’ll bring you closer together.
Lately, life feels like constant battle to you. You must be feeling this way because of past influences – if things didn’t go well before, why should they go well now? You were probably hurt badly, so now you want to be vigilant or even defensive to prevent any potential hurts or damages. But when you act this way, you’re also closing yourself off to positive outcomes. It’s just that you’re either open to life or not. The ability to trust will only make you stronger.
Are you losing sleep over a situation, thinking too much, letting worry take over? Caring about your life, taking responsibility and working to change things are all mature reactions to problems. But there’s a fine line between caring and worrying, and you might have crossed it long ago. Realize that you are on top of things and there’s no need to fret. Nine of Swords suggests things aren’t as bad as they seem. There are many solutions, and the problems are likely to be behind you soon.
Though you’ve been through a lot, and sometimes all on your own, soon you will find appreciation in the difficult path you walked. Now that enough time has passed, you’re more objective, seeing the bigger picture of your life, and understanding why things unfolded the way they did. You’ll see that in hindsight the path you walked was worth it. You have learned to distinguish what matters to you, and from here on, you’re likely to act wisely, choosing actions that have real spiritual value.
Imagine yourself at a five-star resort on a tropical island with the kind of a hospitality and service level that meets your needs and luxury wants. Spa appointments, buffet meals, swimming, tanning, cocktails. Nine of Cups suggests it might be time to plan an amazing vacation. If such a vacation is out of your reach, you might want to find ways to pamper yourself locally. Your soul needs time for simple pleasures. Life isn’t only about working or constantly doing things.
Like an arrow that has been released from a bow and can’t be stopped anymore, your dedication and hard work is unfolding in the best and fastest way possible. The Eight of Wands suggests your relentless efforts are about to pay off. You might be getting antsy or concerned, as things haven't yet come to completion yet, but take a moment to feel the powerful momentum of events. It’s now time to sit back and enjoy watching life give you what want.
You might be feeling shame, humiliation or guilt about things that happened in the past, or it could be that recent events led these feelings to come to the surface, once again. Your environment might have failed to protect you when you were your most vulnerable, blaming you for what happened instead of the perpetrator. Eight of Swords suggests you might be the target of victim-blaming, when all you need is support. Talk to a counselor, get support, hold the perpetrator responsible if it’s possible.
You’ve become quite good at self-discipline. You still have a spontaneous side but notice how in a certain life area you’ve become great at committing to a goal, doing whatever it takes to stay committed, and doing the legwork too, when necessary. The lesson for you is to bring what you learned from this to your other life areas. Now that you know how to be disciplined, what else would you like to achieve? Transfer your experience; you already have it in you.
People might be judging you for walking away from a seemingly amazing situation. But only you know the truth. Only you know what’s good for you and what’s not. It’s just that many times in life the grass does seem greener on the other side of the fence. Eight of Cups reminds you not to be influenced by what others think or say. Only you know the inside story and only you can make decisions for yourself. Even if the move is controversial, do it.
Do you feel that lately you are in a constant ‘fight’ mode? Do you secretly feel superior to your rivals? The Seven of Wands suggests you are comfortable in this situation, to the point that you may not realize there are alternatives i.e. avoiding confrontation or finding the middle road. Winning gives you excitement. In the ambitious, pushy world we live in, this might seem like a smart strategy, but you’re wracking your health in the process. Calm is good for everyone, including you.
Do you find yourself acting impulsively? You might be doing this often, causing your long-term plans to crumble. It might have already become a vicious cycle. The problem could be a seemingly innocent habit such as shopping but do the math and you’ll see how much your budget suffers. The opposite of addiction is connection. It’s time to work on your relationships. Seek friends who are genuine. Develop deeper relationships with your coworkers. Spend quality time with family. Get a pet. What you need is bonding.
Soon you’re likely to find deeper fulfillment in what you do. Your career and/or volunteer activities will take on a more profound meaning, and the loose pieces, if any, will come together to help you realize that there’s a truly sacred purpose to your work. Seven of Pentacles suggests having the ability to enjoy the serenity and joy that comes from such work. This is your life’s work and you should feel proud. Continue, patiently, silently, and with diligence.
One unlucky incident after another. Anything that could go wrong goes wrong. Happiness comes, but at great cost. If this is how you’ve been feeling, Seven of Cups points at subconscious influences. You’ve been “trained” to expect negativities. Maybe you grew up in a stressful environment, experienced trauma when you were little. Your body is in a constant fight-or-flight mode, always readying itself for some type of disturbance. What happened in the past isn’t your fault. But it is your responsibility now to heal.
You might soon celebrate a big success. Maybe you found the perfect new house and you’re throwing a housewarming party, or you helped your company with a merger and you’re getting promoted, or you overcame a difficult disease and people are so thrilled to see you healthy again. It will be very nice to be showered with so much love and appreciation. Enjoy! The Six of Wands suggests a new journey is starting now. Continue to give more of yourself to achieve even better results.
You are likely to have adapted to a situation that isn’t to your liking, or maybe even outright problematic. You aren’t fighting to change things, because you know that somethings aren’t easily changeable. You are choosing to make peace with the way things are. The problems, in turn, don’t weigh you down or sink you anymore. Six of Swords suggests things may still unfold in your favor and that your not rocking the boat is helping your cause. Stay calm, be patient, go with the flow.
Most likely, you believe that in order to achieve material comfort, you need to work hard and long. For you it’s all blood, toils, tears and sweat. You probably don’t realize that abundance can come to you in other ways. Luck could make its way to you in more ways than you imagine, the same way it finds other people, but because you don’t believe you could be lucky, in the end you aren’t. You doubt that things could be easy. Drop these doubts already.
These days, you are likely to be influenced by memories. You might be idealizing the past, choosing to forget the bad parts, believing things were great. What you want is honesty and healing. Six of Cups indicates giving a gift of memories, such as a written memoir or photo albums, to future generations. You might want to record your memories, share them with others, create a blog, or publish photos. If you have children, make sure to share your past with them.
Competition seems to be the order of the day. It could be fun, and one could grow tremendously when there’s healthy competition. But it could also go the other way and become negative. The Five of Wands suggests a delicate balance, one which you should be aware of. You don’t necessarily need to change the way things are, but take them on the light side. Compete if it’s fun for you, as long as it doesn’t hurt or hinder you in any way.
You might be facing a difficult opponent, or an outright evil enemy, who’d do anything to win the fight. You might be feeling weak or overpowered. Unfortunately, Five of Swords shows defeat. It is not because you don’t deserve to win; it’s because the other side is ruthless. It might be better to just acquiesce. It isn’t easy, but being defeated in a potential confrontation or legal battle could hurt you more. Find a way to make peace with how things unfolded. The future can be different.
You might be feeling left out on an important secret, a big day, a work event, or any other event or occurrence when you’ve done nothing wrong to deserve such ostracization. Why should you be getting the cold shoulder? Whatever the reason, unfortunately the truth remains the same – you aren’t a part of whatever is happening. If you can muster courage, depending on how serious the situation is, you can talk to the people involved, letting them know how you feel. Be open to feedback, too.
You might be feeling grief over a lost opportunity. Yet, Five of Cups suggests there is more depth to the situation. Perhaps the loss triggered your friends to support you, allowing you to realize how much they love you. Five of Cups shows the ability to achieve better results after a minor setback. You might have started the journey on the wrong foot, but with the backing of those around you, you’ll enjoy an improved outcome. The key is to be open to kind, loving support.
You are likely to be a part of a joyous family celebration such as an engagement, wedding or a big birthday party. People will just be swept along by joy and it’ll just feel wonderful. If it’s an event which your distant family members or in-laws are hosting, it’ll bring you closer together. If you are the host, make sure to invite all those who are important to you, and those with whom you’d like to improve relations. It’s a magical time to create lasting bonds.
Do you live in self-imposed isolation, retreating from life and responsibilities, avoiding communication with others? You might be withdrawing from your social life, making commitments only to break them with made-up excuses later. Your friends might soon start calling you a flake. Do you need time alone to recuperate from the many stresses of your life, or are you evading real human interaction? Something seems to be missing in your life. Take some time to reflect on the state of your inner world.
Do you rely too much on money to avoid looking vulnerable and to protect yourself from any potential maltreatment? It could be that in your society money really matters. You’re just doing your best to blend in, to be respected and accepted in such a setting. But Four of Pentacles suggests the system you live in creates isolated, lonely people, including you. You’d actually prefer warmth and genuine human relations over vanity. If you’re staying in this environment, try to find others who feel the same way.
You might be calling it “going with the flow” but what you’re actually doing is avoiding proactive action. Nothing is worth fighting for, nothing is worth working for. If it comes to you, great. If it doesn’t, you won’t lift a finger for it. Can your “I don’t care” be covering your fear of failure? There’s pleasure in getting things done, in achieving things. Even if you were to fail, trying is a good thing. Start small if you must, but start somewhere.
You’re likely to enter a confident period where you’ll keep your focus on the big picture and not be consumed by obstacles. Your solution-oriented approach will help you to embrace new challenges with a positive calm, and in turn, everything will go well. Even when you sense risks, you’ll trust that you will be able to handle them. Your leadership skills will shine. Whatever the source of your poise, it will feel good to able to see both the forest and the trees.
Are you suffering from heartache? Your pain is profound, whether this person acted intentionally or unintentionally. But Three of Swords suggests looking at your deeply held beliefs that might have contributed to this situation. If you believe that all men or women lie, chances are you found someone who lied. Such generalizations don’t serve you anymore. The blame belongs to the perpetrator, but now, as you move on, try to develop more positive beliefs. Examine the generalizations you make to avoid future agony.
You might need guidance to be able to resolve a personal or family issue, or to make a project come to life. You have a strong desire to move things forward; you’re just lacking some technical, procedural, social or spiritual knowledge. Note that successful people consult experts all the time, because no one can possibly know everything on their own. So, without making it a pride issue, seek guidance from experts. Three of Pentacles suggests you’ll have a steep learning curve and that you’ll grow tremendously.
You might soon be enjoying a small celebration – something warm, joyous, and whole-hearted. It could be that you got a promotion, or maybe it’s your birthday, or any other event where you’d want to be with the people who you love the most and who love you the most. Let your loved ones be there for you and celebrate with you. This is all genuine and you’re blessed. Your heart-felt approach to people is paying off. The love in your life will only increase.
You might be feeling that your accomplishments are walling you in, that there might be more to life and relationships than what you’re experiencing. If you feel that something is missing, you might be right. It’s nice to have a high standard of living but it’s much nicer to have relations that add meaning to your life. If you were to lose everything tomorrow, who are the people who’d stand by you, and support you? Those are the people you want to spend more time with.
You are turning a blind eye to an unpleasant situation. Most likely, you just want to avoid being dragged into it, having to take sides, and bringing negativity into your life. Two of Swords suggests that in closing your eyes, you are also closing your heart. Not feeling anything isn’t the way to go. Negative situations come and go, but your unexpressed emotions stay and come back in new forms, such as depression. Try to find an open, balanced way to deal with unpleasantness.
You are juggling too many things, trying to figure out priorities, making to-do lists, always on-the-run, working, making things happen, cleaning, taking care of your personal needs, tending to your love life and a million other responsibilities. Two of Pentacles suggests soon you’re likely to experience burnout. It’ll start with your emotions. You might react in exaggerated ways. You’re doing more than your fair share of the work and you’re angry. Why can’t other people take more responsibility? Start delegating tasks and you’ll feel much better.
A long-term relationship or friendship is on the horizon. The Two of Cups represents a deep, meaningful, honest connection that’s likely to last a lifetime. It connotes healthy attachment and balance – there’s equal give and take, mutual support, generosity of spirit, and love. The card could be signaling the beginning of a serious love commitment, the forming of a mentor-mentoree relationship, getting a new neighbor who’ll prove to be a great friend, or even adopting a pet with whom you’ll develop a unique and special bond.
Get To Know The Past-Present-Future Tarot Spread
The 3 card tarot spread will provide interesting insights into your past, present and future, Before drawing the cards, think about the question you would like the answer to or the issue you are currently going through. The cards can then be interpreted according to the situation at hand.

After you have drawn your 3 cards, carefully think about your initial question and how your cards relate to your situation and what insights they provide about how you should move forward.

Types Of 3 Card Tarot Spreads
There are many different types of tarot spreads using a different number of cards, namely the Celtic cross, Tetraktys spread, cross and triangle spread, and more. However, the 3 card tarot spread is by far the simplest and can provide clear insights into what can sometimes be difficult situations. They open the way for deeper discussion and can also be used as a way to clarify larger spreads.

There are also different types of spreads within the 3 card tarot spread. Some of these include: The cards in each of these spreads will provide insights into different areas. As mentioned above, one of the most common general spreads are the cards representing the past, present, future. However, the cards could also represent your current situation, the obstacles you’re facing, advice on how to overcome them.

Here are some other ways the cards could be interpreted: The 3 card tarot spread is an easy way to gain deep insights into your life and provide the clarity you are searching for. It will help you find answers to all of life’s questions including your relationships, life choices, and more so that you can find your path to true happiness and fulfillment.