Tarot Card Meaning: The Fool

Written By Advisor Fruno

The Fool Tarot card is one of my favorite Major Arcana Tarot cards. It is all about living in the moment, taking chances and enjoying life. The Fool in my eyes is a very positive card in that it can symbolize new beginnings or a significant fresh start, as with a relationship. And with new beginnings the card can also signify the ending of something important in one's life, for as one door closes another will open.

In the workplace, the card tells you to believe in yourself and to stand firm with your own positions even if others firmly disagree with you. In the end you will prove to be right. If you were thinking of starting a new business, now is the time to move forward on that idea.
Regarding love, the Fool card suggests that the best results come by being spontaneous, letting go of fears and trusting your heart. Be impulsive, go on a romantic trip, take a chance with love. If you are single, do not be afraid to embrace the love you have for another.

While we often overlook health issues, the Fool card reveals good health or improving health. This is so important, for without good health everything else in life becomes so much less significant, so you will be blessed in that regard.

In the reverse position the Fool Tarot card can reflect difficulties which are caused by one's own doing. This results from bad judgment or fears which prevent one from making positive choices. This is the time to recall past experiences so as to avoid the same mistakes, be it with love or money. The reverse Fool is also a wakeup call to take care of one's self, to accept responsibility for one's illness and to seek professional help.

This is also the time not to overlook your own spirituality. For with mediation and reflection life's difficulties can be overcome, but first you must make the effort for that to happen. The underlying message with the Fool Tarot card reversed is to keep the faith and have patience. Try avoiding important decisions at the moment, and if they have to be made in the present do so after careful thought.