What Does the Strength Card Mean in Tarot?

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If you are feeling small against a big life problem in any life area, from finances to your relationship and family, then Strength is your card. It’s here to tell you a few things that may transform the way you view the situation you’re in.

Strong like a Tree

Just as a tree with an inflexible trunk would break in the middle when powerful winds hit, a tree with weak roots wouldn’t be able to hold on to the earth in a storm either.

The tree needs both: strength and flexibility,
all the while being vulnerable and exposed to environmental influences.

We are the same – we can’t run away and hide from life. There will be rain and storms and maybe even tornedos. If we can learn to be strong and sufficiently flexible at the same time, we’ll weather any life issue in any life area, however difficult it may be.

Embracing Vulnerability

Vulnerability means being open and alive. It means we have things to lose – things we love and hold dear, things we worked hard to achieve and we were successful in achieving. It means we are good at manifesting what’s important. And that we accept the fact that some things are bigger than us, that not all can be controlled.

Vulnerability doesn’t only mean life may throw unwanted experiences at us; it also means life can throw amazing experiences our way too. Even people who have it all can be extremely vulnerable because vulnerability means having a passionate love affair with life’s unknown plans. Once we accept the mystery that’s our universe, we become like the Angel in the Strength card.

We find that we are able to tame our inner wild animals:
fear, paralysis, self-destructiveness, doubt, stress, and feeling small.

Look at the card: a beautiful yellow sky, a woman of infinite powers and calm, green pasture, and a lion whose destructive tendencies have been eliminated peacefully. We don’t get the sense from the card that the woman fought with the lion; instead, we see a triumph earned serenely. This is what happens when we accept our inner demons instead of fighting them. Letting our fear breathe and our doubt to talk to us.

When we make friends with our difficult feelings,
really feel them and listen to them,
they come and go like the wind coming to test the tree.

Whatever it is you’re struggling with, give room to your worries and negative emotions. Let them come and pass through you. Accept your vulnerability, and try to be flexible when it comes to finding solutions to the problem.

What does the Strength Tarot Card mean for love?

You may be letting unexpressed feelings negatively affect your relationship. You may not be feeling comfortable expressing these feelings, or your partner might not be receptive to sharing and listening. Whatever the cause, any thought or emotion unexpressed has the capacity to take your relationship to places you won’t enjoy.

It’s also important to consider whether your partner is comfortable talking with you. Do you listen nonjudgmentally when they offer details about their mental and emotional experience in this relationship? Do you try to understand? Or are you two forgetting that you are one team, and fighting each other over who’s better?

Tame your inner lions together.

Your contained lion and your partner’s contained lion need not be enemies. They can instead begin to inform each other, and work together. The four of you can be one powerful team: you, your partner, your lion and your partner’s lion!

What Does the Strength Reversed Mean?

Strength reversed would mean an ego takeover. A complete refusal to see your weaknesses, anger, fears. Like an ostrich, burying your head in the sand, holding onto a stubborn avoidance strategy and getting defensive anytime an event or a person makes you feel vulnerable.

What are you running away from? You are not perfect. No one is. And if anything, acknowledging your vulnerabilities will make you stronger, and more prepared for anything that may come your way. Sometimes it’s okay to fail too. The world’s most successful people’s life stories are replete with initial failures. Take heart, love your imperfections and move on!

Zodiacal Association

Leo! But a Leo whose fragile ego isn’t in the way, and a Leo whose confidence comes not from the attention of others but from within. A Leo transformed. Tarot’s Strength card is associated with the mature Leo energy – creating a successful and down-to-earth personality.

Realizing one’s dreams while having compassion
for the failures of self and others.

If the Strength card comes your way, pay attention to your Leo qualities, or the influence of the Leos around you on your life. Are they using you to feed their fragile egos? Why would you want to take part in that game? Take a step back and reevaluate your relationships.
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