Tarot Card Meaning: The High Priestess

Written By Advisor Fruno

The High Priestess Tarot card is represented by a mysterious lady who is sitting between positive and negative energy, which is symbolized by her placement between white and black pillars. When this card appears in a Tarot reading, it tells you to have faith in yourself as you possess inherent good judgment through your own intuition. At this time you have the ability to achieve inner clarity and wisdom. It is time to listen to your own inner voice, not what others may have to say. The opportunity for success is yours to have, so avoid those who embrace negative thoughts or try to persuade you off the path you have chosen in life. Try to look beyond the obvious, while paying attention to your dreams and imagination. Think outside of the box and look at what can be when you are aware of a larger reality. This is the time when you will discover what has been hidden and obscure.
Your identification with the High Priestess represents spiritually, wisdom, and understanding. In order to realize your desires in life, let go of your fears as there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Instead, embrace your own creative abilities and intuition. The future will be rewarding for you if you stay on the path where your inner self brings you, even if this is outside of your comfort zone. This is the time to trust your instincts with investments and new business opportunities. Take the risk, for the greater risk is to play it safe and do nothing. It is also the time to embrace love even if logic and other people tell you different. Do not allow any insecurities you may have to keep you from realizing all that love has to offer. Stand up and make a commitment, trust your instincts, let go of your fears.

The High Priestess Card in the reverse position reveals you may be following bad advice or even questioning your own judgment. Be careful as others are trying to influence you; stand steadfast with your own beliefs. You do not need the approval of others. Instead, follow your own instincts, for the answers you seek are within. If you find your confidence lacking, it is time to take a break, to take time for yourself.