Tarot Card Meaning - The Magician

Written By Advisor Fruno

It is often said that we control our own destiny, and such is the case when I see the Magician Tarot card. It is a very high energy Major Arcana Tarot card that reveals how your wishes and desires can be realized with determination and willpower. Self-discipline and control are the keys for personal improvement and overcoming inhibitions. Now is the time to keep the faith and believe in yourself.
Be it with love, business, or your career, the Magician Tarot card tells us that you are at your very best when the very best is required of you. This is the time for positive changes in your life and making those decisions which can make a difference. It is time to embrace your own intelligence and realize you have the wisdom to make the right choices. The Magician card tells us to focus on the task at hand while eliminating distractions; in this way we can achieve the goals we are trying to accomplish. This is both the time and opportunity to make a real commitment to what is most important. The consequences of your action will be positive.

When the card is in the reverse position it tells us to be aware of deception and manipulation. It is time to pause and take a step back; otherwise a wrong decision can be made. But the reverse position also tells us not to make assumptions in a bad or good way as things may be different than they appear. It is time to move slowly and be cautious as you may be out of touch with reality.