Tarot Card Meaning: The Tower

Written By Advisor Fruno

 The Tower Tarot Card The Tower Tarot Card
While The Tower card has many different meanings attributed to it, the one consistent message that comes forth is one of change. These changes are significant and often associated with past actions we have taken. The Tower reminds us that there are consequences to the decisions we make and at times those consequences can be difficult or unpleasant. However, this in itself is not a bad thing, as even unpleasant life changes can bring forth a greater good in the long run. For example a divorce or a job loss can be unpleasant but it can open the door to better opportunities as time moves forward. Also, important life lessons are often learned by these changes, which give forth to radical shifts. These life lessons can result in better judgment in the future, which could, for example, prevent making wrong financial decisions and help avoid loss.
It is important to realize that the changes will not be easy. Instead, they will be those that can test your spiritual, mental or physical well-being. It is time to prepare yourself for the disruption and chaos that will follow. The changes are often permanent and cannot be undone or reversed. Decisions made following such changes should be carefully made as they will also affect future changes in one's life.

When the card is in the reverse position, The Tower reveals that the difficulties associated with change will not be as unpleasant as anticipated or that perhaps disastrous circumstances can be avoided.

The reverse Tower can also be a warning of hidden forces at work, secrets being kept from you all of which can put you in harm's way. It is time to take positive actions to avoid dead-end situations, even though it may be difficult and hard to go through the changes involved.