What Does The World Tarot Card Mean For You?

Written By Advisor Fruno

The World Tarot card is the twenty-first Major Arcana card and represents the final card of the tarot trump sequence. The card depicts a naked woman inside a wreath holding batons in each hand. The four elements: water, air, earth, and fire are symbolized in each corner of the card. While there are many positive connotations to the card itself, the common theme is one of satisfaction, because we have achieved goals which are important to us.

Feeling Fulfilled The primary meaning the card reflects is completion or fulfillment of an important task. It symbolizes the culmination of efforts where there is an ending and perhaps the start of a new beginning. The World card also tells us to hang in there and not to waver, for a positive end is near. This is especially true when dealing with a difficult relationship or financial project. It shows that the time spent is not wasted but more so invested into that which is important to us. It is time to keep the faith and stay on the path where life has brought us.

The World Tarot Card - Upright

The time is near where one will feel inner peace and satisfaction from the efforts put forth. It is time to have faith in oneself and to let go of any insecurities and fears. Your place in the world becomes clear and the ability to give back what was learned is now yours. You are now in tune with the universe you live in, embracing your own spirituality and moving forward to life's next level.

You have accomplished your goals and literally, you feel like the world in on your fingertips. This sense of pride and success gives you a boost in positive vibrations that will contribute towards building good relationships and friendships. Use this time to your advantage to grab hold of other goals that you’d like to flourish and manifest. The energies are in your favor!

The World Tarot Card - Upright Love Meaning

The world card upright love meaning brings in abundance of happiness within your current relationship right now, you literally feel or will feel like you are on top of the world! You are feeling loved, and grateful and it’s important to keep that flame going and create these magical energies for as long as possible! Big decisions such as marriage or starting a family may be in the cards for you, too!

The World Tarot Card - Upright Career Meaning

When you get the world card during a live online reading, then it really resembles a fruitful career-driven path for you. It indicates you have achieved or will achieve your goals and you are on the right path to financial fulfillment. You should wake up with a smile everyday knowing that you are capable of anything you put your mind to!

The World Tarot Card - Reverse

In the reverse position, the World Tarot card tells us to pause and examine the difficulties we are having in life. It is time to make commitments in love instead of just allowing yourself to be stuck in a state of void. A change of jobs could go a long way in achieving long-term career goals. It is time to put forth more efforts as there are no shortcuts or quick fixes. By doing so you will realize that you are often at your very best when the very best is required of you.

It may also indicate an end of a journey- but going down a new path will lead to better, happier, and fulfilling moments! It’s time to recognize when to wave goodbye to a situation or relationship that no longer serves you.

The World Tarot Card - Reversed Love Meaning

You feel like there’s a little void in your love life- something is not quite there or the puzzles don’t all fit together. You may be so busy fulfilling other areas of your life that you may not quite see the beauty in your partner or the relationship as a whole. Also, you may still be hung up on bad experiences from your past relationship that is creating some uneven foundation in your current relationship. Be sure to take note of this and work on these areas where possible.

The World Tarot Card - Reversed Career Meaning

Your goals are within arms reach, and it’s important not to back away now, no matter how uninspired you feel. You may also feel like that triumphant emotion is not as grand as you’d expect it to be, and that is a little bit disappointing for you. Take a step back to see how you feel and what steps to take to bring that ambitious spark back in your life.


The world card in general is a positive card that portrays good things that will or already are happening in your life right now. If the world card is reversed, a little focus and self-introspection is needed to clarify your situation. An expert Tarot reader will be able to pick up on the details that you need to define and focus on, as well as what truly is happening in your life right now.