Tarot Card Meaning: Five of Cups

Written By Advisor Fruno

The Five of Cups is a Minor Arcana Tarot card which is represented by the fall of three cups while two still remain. The figure on the card is upset about what is lost, while failing to appreciate the brimming cups which have been saved. The message is clear – accept what cannot be changed and be thankful for what is left when such a change take place. The card tells us to open our eyes and never let emotions stop us from seeing what life has left us when something displeasing has happened.

The Five of Cups Tarot card can also symbolize pending emotional disappointments. But the card also tells us that a greater good will be realized while the opportunity to learn life lessons is present. Things in life always happen for a reason and at the time they are meant even though they may be unpleasant when they do occur. An example of such would be a relationship where one is being abused comes to a close. The ending of such a situation sooner rather than later is a greater good even though the breakup can be disheartening. The message here is also very clear in that the lost relationship allows one to grow in self-respect and self-realization.

I see the Five of Cups card as one of hope. The message of it is to count your blessings where there is loss, to not become so focused on regrets as to overlook the good in what has been left behind. It is perhaps time to re-evaluate life's priorities, to be thankful what you do have in life and to learn lessons from past experiences. This is not the time to worry about past events or to be concerned about what the future holds. It is time to keep your focus in the present to embrace truth and to search out alternative paths in life. By doing this you find wisdom and clarity that the Five of Cups offers from disappointments and setbacks in your life.

The Five of Cups in the reverse position shows positive effects in on your life will be realized and there will be a sense of well-being. It is time to trust your instincts and to have faith that your needs will be satisfied. This is true in all aspects of your life, be it with your career, love, or finances. Think positive, keep a great attitude, and what is truly best for you will come to pass.