Tarot Card Meaning: The Four of Pentacles

Written By Advisor Fruno

 The Four of Pentacles Tarot Card The Four of Pentacles Tarot Card
The Four of Pentacles tells us that this is the time to embrace known and proven concepts for the best results. It is best right now to be defensive with your actions and avoid unknown risk to obtain desired goals. A feeling of stability and security will be realized while life's difficulties will be easily overcome. It is time to have faith in yourself and your abilities.

Regarding love, this is not the time to seek a serious commitment of the heart as your partner is more into him or herself. This in itself does not reflect lack of feelings for you, just that at this moment your partner is being somewhat selfish and perhaps is not ready to make a commitment. The universe is all about them. But that being said, you are on the right path and the pendulum will swing when commitments of the heart will be embraced.
Regarding work and finances, the card tells us to be exceptionally careful and accept where we are in life. It is not time to make changes or take undue risk. While it is nice to help your fellow coworker, it is also important to be careful about others trying to take credit for the work you have done. This is not the time to make speculative investments. Instead, stay steadfast with proven past choices.

In the reverse position, things are not often as they may appear and one must question if certain threats are real or only assumed to be true. The fear of the unknown and loss can result in poor judgments. Let go of fears and insecurities you may have with love and consider making more serious commitments of the heart. It is an excellent time to make future plans, be it with love or work. This is the time to be open to friendships which have the potential to become much more.

It is best to delegate work so that you can embrace your own individual creativity. Let go of fears of losing what you have become familiar with and instead think outside of the box. Be careful of greed and lust in making final decisions. If thought out, your choices will be the right ones.