Tarot Card Meaning: The King of Wands

Written By Advisor Fruno

One of my favorite Tarot cards is the King of Wands as it is the messenger of good news to come. When you see the King, celebration is in order as you will be successful on several different fronts. Financial gain will not escape you. It is time to embrace your own creativity and have faith in your abilities.

The King of Wands Tarot card also gives us a message to embrace truth and honesty. The message is clear: always speak words of truth and ask for the same in return. By doing so you will have clarity and be understood by others. You are both a master and a visionary, the one many will want to follow.
It is time to be decisive in making decisions, do not second-guess yourself for your judgment is sound. As you deliberate on words and actions, to back up the words it is important to hold onto core values and maintain integrity -- anything less will not do.

In the reverse position, be prepared to face the forces of negativity, such as self-doubts and frustrations. You will experience a lack of achievement because of poor judgment and bad decisions. It is time to avoid situations where the consequences of such can be disastrous because of wrong choices made.