The Page of Cups

Written By Advisor Billy All In The Cards

The Pages of the Minor Arcana are remarkable cards. They represent the transition from the foundational aspects of an endeavor to the completional aspect of the endeavor (sort of like reaping the rewards of the effort for a particular endeavor). The Page of Cups thus represents the transition from the foundational aspect of true love and emotions to the reward for that effort; great love and emotions. To me, this is as close to what many come seeking as "soul mates" or "twin souls" as we can achieve on the earthly plane.
The Pages never only signify one thing. They only appear in a consult after a person has mastered the ability to handle more than one delicate or emotionally charged situation at a time. For example, take the Page of Cups. This represents the transition from the foundational aspects represented by the Ace through the Ten of Cups to the higher aspects of developing grand love, based on the true love that it has already taken considerable effort to not only to achieve but maintain. This shows us two individual efforts becoming one single greater effort.

On a deeper level, it is a card of Introspection; of taking a long hard look at one's past actions, efforts, and desires. This allows a person to reflect before continuing along a particular path if this is indeed the right or true path forward.