What does the Page of Pentacles card mean in Tarot?

Page of Pentacles Tarot Card Page of Pentacles Tarot Card
Page of Pentacles, Minor Arcana, Pentacles XI

Like every other Page card in the Tarot deck, the Page of Pentacles symbolizes child-like qualities. The Page of Pentacles is the “child of pentacles,” a suit associated with the element of Earth. Earth symbolizes being rooted in what we do, feeling grounded and connected, and having an active interest in all that life has to offer.

The Page of Pentacles symbolizes a novice student, a beginner learner, an explorer – someone who has discovered something of great interest and studies it. Just look at the way he is holding his only pentacle, the symbol of his interest.

Unlike Tarot’s Knights, the Page has no interest in battle. Unlike Queens and Kings, he doesn’t want to rule any territory either. There are no power games in his world, no enemies, not even any financial worries. The sunny background, the green terrain, and his beautiful clothing all suggest he can do exactly as he pleases – take his time to study a new subject matter.

The person symbolized by the Page can be interested in anything, from math to karate, from gardening to eastern philosophies, and can be at any age. The important thing is that this is a person who has found something of interest, something that moves him or her deep inside, and wakes up every day with a zest to explore it further.

If your reading is about your career and finances, the Page of Pentacles means you’re likely to discover a new career path, decide to learn a new skill or a language, take a course in an area that’s brand new to you etc. Whatever it is, it will be something you’ll thoroughly enjoy, something that has the potential to change your whole career. Your thirst for knowledge will open many new doors for you. It will be a great step for you.

If your reading is about your social life, the Page of Pentacles suggests an increased interest in networking, socializing, and extracurricular activities. You might feel like volunteering to help disadvantaged populations, children, or animals. You’ll feel full of energy and vigor, and you’ll feel that it’s time to give back. You’ll want to see your friends and family more too – your renewed interest will pay off in the form of deeper, more meaningful relationships. Your life will be positively eventful and full of love.

What does the Page of Pentacles Tarot card mean for love?

For singles, having the Page of Pentacles in your reading might mean very soon you are likely to meet someone who’ll sweep you off your feet! You’ll want to know everything there is to know about this person, spend as much time together as possible, and then think a lot about them when you are apart. It’ll feel like love, and most likely it is love! You’ll admire your new partner and treat them really well.

Just make sure to draw the line somewhere i.e. falling in love is one of the most amazing things in life, but you don’t want to end up worshipping a person! Treating them kindly and with respect is great also, but make sure they treat you the same way!

For couples, the Page of Pentacles might mean renewed passion, a second honeymoon. It could be that a difficult period of time is finally behind you, or that the kids are grown now and you don’t have to run after them 24/7. In this new chapter, you’re likely to have time and energy for romance and for each other. It’ll feel like a love renaissance, a second spring in your heart. You both deserve it; enjoy it to the fullest.

What does Page of Pentacles reversed in Tarot mean?

Page of Pentacles reversed shows losing interest in life and in people. The hobbies that meant something to you in the past now feel tedious. The people you liked hanging out with now bore you out of your mind. You might be finding yourself mindlessly watching reruns of the shows you’ve already watched a million times, because you don’t have the patience to explore anything new.

It could be just a phase, don’t worry. Sometimes we all need a break to refresh and rejuvenate, and we all grow out of relationships and our interests. But if it lasts more than a few weeks or months, you might want to broach the subject with an advisor. Because occasionally we use boredom as a defense – when life feels too much, too intimidating, or too scary, we cover our faces with the boredom mask. It could be well worth exploring what’s behind your boredom.

Astrological association

Pentacle cards – all 14 of them – in Tarot’s Minor Arcana are associated with the earth element, which is associated with the astrological signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Because the Page, with its child-like qualities, symbolizes cardinal energy, this card is specifically associated with Capricorn – the cardinal Earth sign.

The Page is a Court card. In Tarot’s Minor Arcana, there are 16 court cards: 4 Pages, 4 Knights, 4 Queens, and 4 Kings. Court carts personify the querent (you), or a very important person in your life. They are about people or personalities, and they rarely show outside events.

If the card is upright and it’s about a Capricorn in your life – male or female – it’s very likely that they are in an expansive state of mind, learning something new, developing their skills. If you’re their romantic partner, make sure to encourage them, even if it means you’ll see less of them. This new hobby is very important to them.

If the card is reversed, this Capricorn might be going through a phase where they just want to retreat from life for a while, or they might actually be heading straight towards depression. Be there for them, and if they tell you they just want to be alone, give them time and space, but do let them know you’re there when they need you. If they’re the open-minded type, mention talking to an advisor.

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