Tarot Card Meaning: Page of Wands

Written By Advisor Fruno

In life there are times when we will wonder if we made the right decisions regarding our career, love, or financial matters. When we see the Page of Wands Tarot card, those doubts have been answered in a very positive way. The card not only tells us that we are on the right path in life but that it is also time to take risks and be adventurous. This is the time to have faith in yourself and to avoid conservative approaches. Instead, embrace your creativity. Be assertive and let go your fears as there is nothing to fear but fear itself.

The Page Of Wands- General Interpretation

Generally, the Page Of Wands suggests that good news is on the way! Whether it be about love, career, or moving to a bigger house, everything is possible when this tarot card shows up. The channel through which you can expect this good news can be either by email, call, word-of-mouth or even directly from the person or company themselves. Also, as far as a timestamp is concerned, you can expect this good news to come to you shortly.

There however needs to be some caution exercised too, as The Page Of Wands indicates that although good news or positive new journeys are on their way, you should not be impulsive and rush things. It’s still good practice to think things through.

The Page Of Wands- Upright Love Meaning

Regarding love and relationships the Page of Wands card tells us to be open to others as someone new will come into your life. This is the time for real changes to be made in your relationship; it is the time to be courageous and to take the risk with someone new. Explore your desires to be with another and realize all the excitement that true passion can bring. The best results with love come by being spontaneous and going with your desires. This is the time for new love and with new love comes reliability and stability.

The Page Of Wands- Upright Financial Meaning

When it comes to investments, this is the time to avoid conservative guidelines. Instead, think outside of the box and go with your intuition. Listen to your creative inner voice and put logic to the side. This is the time to be positive with both your thoughts and actions. The decisions you make should be done quickly and not overanalyzed, as time is of the essence.

The Page Of Wands Reversed

The Page of Wands reversed reveals that one's actions may lack maturity and wisdom. It is easy to make a wrong decision, be it with love or your investments. Be careful of indecision caused by one's fears or insecurities. Try to keep balance and avoid making life-changing decisions during this time. Decisions made at the workplace will be final ones, so be careful in making such decisions or better yet, try putting off making a decision to a later date. This is not the time to make decisions on love as the actions needed to earn the trust for your heart will be lacking and the words spoken will be misleading.

The Page Of Wands- Reversed Love Meaning

For those who are already with a partner, the Page Of Wands reversed may portray some bumpy roads in your relationship. You may even come to a point where you’re conflicted about the relationship itself and weather ending it may be a better idea. The trick here is to understand that every relationship goes through a bumpy road, and reigniting the spark is always required once in a while. So, take this as a sign to focus on your partner’s needs and put more time and effort into your communion.

As a single being, this card suggests that you lack the ambition or motivation to find a new love. Your interest and heart may not be altogether there and that’s why the dating scene isn’t quite working for you lately. If you have a love interest, don’t be surprised if you start hearing rumors about them.

The Page Of Wands- Reversed Financial Meaning

It seems like you have a goal in mind, but not the know-how or tools to accomplish your aspirations- This is what The Page of Wands indicates when drawn during an online Tarot reading. You may feel like your ambition and energy is running out and you need to find new ways to get your drive for success in full gear.

If you’re looking at a job promotion, it definitely may not happen soon. This card shows that you are not exactly favored within your company’s management and you have to make huge efforts if you want to turn their negative opinions of you into positive ones. Recently applied for a job? Perhaps now is also not the time to go looking for greener pastures either. Having an online tarot reading with an expert tarot reader can get you to the bottom of all the meanings involved and what they mean to you personally.


While the Page of Wands may bring on good news for those who draw it as an upright card, it can be the total opposite when it comes in a reverse tarot spread.They key here is to know how to translate these hidden messages to your own life so that you can be prepared for what lies ahead, or better yet, digress your path where needed.