What does the Queen of Swords card mean in Tarot?

Queen of Swords Card Meaning Queen of Swords Card Meaning

Queen of Swords, Minor Arcana, Swords XIII

The Queen of Swords symbolizes recently acquired spiritual depth most likely due to sudden or prolonged painful experiences. She represents a wealth of hard-earned wisdom that comes after a heartbreak or unpleasant situations, the kind of knowing that’s heavy with sadness.

There is quiet strength in this wisdom; a quality developed after witnessing real difficulties. There’s the understanding that comes from knowing people can do really bad or stupid things or that life can be a constant fight.

This Queen deserves her throne as she worked hard for it. She is self-made. She holds her sword upright, meaning she knows where she comes from, and she knows where she is going. She has clarity about her present situation. Her left hand is in the air, her palm open, welcoming whatever life may bring, good or bad. She is not afraid.

The Queen of Swords might symbolize a child who had to grow up quickly because the adults in the environment were acting irresponsibly. She can symbolize a young woman who was mistreated, harassed or worse, survived and created for herself a much better life with people who respect her. She can represent a mother whose child had difficulties, whether mental, emotional, or physical, and she endured and she was there for her child every step of the way. In sum, the Queen of Swords represents anyone who had to deal with extreme challenges, survived, became much stronger, and made peace with what happened.

In most readings the Queen of Swords represents the querent (you) or a person in your life. She tends to represent a woman, though in some readings she can represent a man, depending on the experiences this man has had and depending on the other cards in the reading.

If your reading is about your career and finances, the Queen of Swords might mean you have been through poverty, financial difficulties, bankruptcy, unemployment or any other unpleasant situation where you feared for your future. You found it difficult to trust that things would be okay, most likely rightfully so, as things realistically were hard. But you managed, as hard as it was, you survived and learned a lot from the experience. Today, you are not afraid, you don’t get nervous when confronted by problems. You’ve been there, done that – you have built trust in yourself. You now have the wisdom to deal with any new situation.

What does the Queen of Swords Tarot card mean for love?

For singles, having the Queen of Swords in your reading might mean you have had your share of back luck in relationships. Let’s imagine, for the sake of an example, that in the past you were too dependent or insecure or needy. Because of partners who were not nice to you, who hurt or mistreated you, you now have become independent and much more confident. It was bad but today you’ve become strong and much better at weeding out bad candidates.

When the reading is about love, the Queen of Swords can also symbolize loss of hope. Perhaps you had a series of bad first dates, or unworthy girlfriends or boyfriends, and now you find it difficult to believe that you can find a good person to be with. The world is filled with all types of people, and people go through phases that make them nicer or more difficult, hopeful or hopeless. If you feel hopeless, wait it out. Time will come when you’ll be ready to date again and your wisdom will help you find a partner who’ll be good for you.

For couples, the Queen of Swords represents two people who have been through a lot, together. You might have recently experienced death in the family, financial troubles, political unrest in your community or country, a natural disaster or any other event that is too big and just beyond you. It might have changed everything, from your living situation to your mood and affected your relationship.

You must remember, you still have one another, you love each other. It’s okay if you are both feeling emotionally and physically tired, and have no energy to work on your relationship. Sometimes in life romance can take the back seat. This is a good time for you both to realize that you and your partner are also best friends.

What does Queen of Swords reversed in Tarot mean?

Queen of Swords reversed shows continued, unresolved suffering. You insist on not learning anything from your experiences, or the specific situation you are in. You don’t care about the growth of your soul, you couldn’t care less. You just want the problem to disappear. You don’t want to deal with any of this. You probably can’t even fathom what there can be to learn in this situation anyway.

You might want to get help. Even the wisest amongst us consults others. Gurus have their own gurus. So, why not talk to your friends, family, romantic partner, or get advice from the best advisors? It could really help you to see things with fresh eyes, from a different perspective, and make moving on easier.

Astrological association

Sword cards – all 14 of them – in Tarot’s Minor Arcana are associated with the air element, which is associated with the astrological signs of Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius. The Queen of Swords, specifically, shows female Libra energy.

The Queen is a Court card. In the Minor Arcana, there are 16 court cards: 4 Pages, 4 Knights, 4 Queens, and 4 Kings. Court carts tend to represent what we’re going through and what type of a person it’s making us, or a very important person in our lives – depending on where the card appears in the spread. Your psychic Tarot reader would be able to tell you this, based on the other cards in your reading.

If this card is about a Libra female in your life, know that she earned the smile on her face. She has been through a lot, inside and outside of herself, and still managed to find harmony and balance – the two qualities that make a Libra, a Libra.

If the card is reversed, this Libra female is really struggling. Be there for her, and listen when she complains. Her problems are real and they affect her deeply.

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