Tarot Card Meaning: Seven of Cups

Written By Advisor Fruno

When we see the Seven of Cups, a minor arcana Tarot card, in a reading, it is time to pause and take a step back before making any kind of important life decision. Things in life are often not as they may appear and such is the case when the Seven of Cups is present. It is not uncommon at this time to have unrealistic goals and illusions, all of which hide the very essence of reality we are trying to achieve.

While it is not the time to make important decisions, it is the time to become creative and to look at the endless possibilities of life's choices. Think outside of the box and embrace your imagination as ideas can be found in one's fantasies and dreams. But again, this is not the time to make final decisions or to act upon ideas, as the results could be disastrous. Instead, take your time and explore possibilities.
In the area of finances, be aware of those situations which seem too good to be true as they often are. These are the kind of situations which should be avoided. When you get this card, it is best to listen to what others say about investment opportunities as their judgment on such matters is perhaps sounder than your own. Look for those projects where creativity is needed, for it is there where you will have the best results.

Regarding matters of the heart, avoid making any kind of commitment. Instead, be open and carefree. It is time to be less serious, so try being playful as the best results will come with a smile and a laugh. This is the time to avoid heart-to-heart conversations. But it is the time to embrace friendship, which will allow for more to be realized in the relationship. Try letting go of everyday reality, and instead look for a world of fantasy.

In the reverse position, the Seven of Cups reveals that certain unexpected events may occur. This is the time to let go of one's anxiety and fears and instead to focus on the depth of your own experiences. Regarding relationships, it is easy right now to compare one own relationship to another; however, it is best to look within and not without to what others have. Your persistence and patience will be rewarded during this time period.