What does the Seven of Swords card mean in Tarot?

Seven of Swords Tarot Card Seven of Swords Tarot Card

Seven of Swords, Minor Arcana, Swords VII

The Seven of Swords is a particularly important card in terms of what it signals about your future. Before we explore the exact meaning, it’d be beneficial for you to note that in Tarot, for some interpreters, the right side of each card has to do with the future, and the left side has to do with the past. If you were to draw a vertical line right in the middle of the card, it would show you the present moment.

When we look at Seven of Swords from the perspective of this time progression, we see that the figure in the card – most likely you, or someone very close to you – is grabbing swords from the future, rather furtively, and is taking them to his present moment, maybe even to his past. His actions are sabotaging his future, as he is stealing from his future riches.

Imagine spending the money you don’t have, on things that don’t matter, instead of saving a certain percentage of your income. Maybe you can’t really afford the newest smart phone, but you still buy it because you think that everybody else does, so you must, too. You want to enjoy your day today without planning your tomorrow. This is an act of stealing from your future. It sets you back.

Imagine having a boyfriend or a girlfriend who is serious with you, and you go and flirt with other people, because you have a strong commitment phobia. You’re sabotaging your future. The right thing to do would be to share your fears with your partner, talk to friends or an advisor, and get rid of your fears.

The Seven of Swords points at short-term gains at the expense of long-term ones, and playing small, dumb games to avoid big problems. We all do it, all of us, in some life area. It’s like applying a third coat of nail polish instead of getting a new manicure, or wearing your socks inside out instead of doing the laundry. Who isn’t guilty of such things? But the Seven of Swords suggests you might be doing much more than such small acts.

While the meaning of Seven of Swords can be influenced by the other cards that appear in your reading, its main message tends to be the same. There’s some undesirable, furtive action going on that is hurting the future of your love life, career, or another life area.

If your reading is about your career and finances, the Seven of Swords might mean you work in an environment where people value shortcuts and they look for ways to avoid hard work. They skip details, and unless someone discovers what’s going on, they don’t even feel bad about it. Your company doesn’t have a long-term vision; most likely, your boss cares only about this month’s profits. The management cares more about money than people.

Maybe you don’t mind all this. Maybe for now you only care about your own paycheck, which is understandable. But you might want to think about the many years ahead and find an environment that will support you as a human being. An environment where you can develop more skills, share hobbies with coworkers, and make better friends.

If your reading is about your health and well-being, the Seven of Swords might mean that you are going for comfort foods, or drinks, or impulse shopping, instead of facing your real, still-open wounds. Retail therapy isn’t what you need. You need to form deeper, more spiritual bonds with people, including your friends, romantic interests, coworkers etc.

If you don’t find most people interesting or worth spending time with, it is either that the people around you are really, objectively speaking, just plain boring, or that you’ve lost interest in life! You can always talk to our best psychic advisors to explore the issue.

What does the Seven of Swords Tarot card mean for love?

For singles, having the Seven of Swords in your reading might mean that your actions, stemming from unresolved subconscious emotions, are sabotaging your dating life. You aren’t seeing your date as who they really are – you are seeing them from your own emotionally-blurry perspective. You might engage in denial i.e. you might meet someone who isn’t worth it, and everybody in the whole world can see it, but you still believe in giving that person a chance.

For couples, the Seven of Swords means that you two haven’t realized you are in the same boat and that it can only have one destination. You prefer different directions, pulling the relationship this way and then that way, and not only are you not able to arrive at any destination, but you’re also tiring one another in the process. Your relationship is like a ship with two captains who have differing views about where the icebergs are! Try to be more open in your discussions and find the middle road before it’s too late.

What does Seven of Swords reversed in Tarot mean?

The Seven of Swords reversed means you need to take drastic action to change things. You haven’t done enough for a long time, and now things are already out of control. If we’re talking about your finances, this might mean declaring bankruptcy and starting from scratch. If this is about your relationship, unfortunately, the card might mean an imminent breakup. If this is about your health, it means you probably avoided going to the doctor or the dentist for a long time and now you really need to go. There’s no way around it.

Do what you need to do. This too shall pass. But learn and remember the lesson well, as you now open a new chapter in your life.

Astrological association

The Seven of Swords might represent a certain Gemini in your life, someone who just doesn’t want to take full responsibility and develop a long-term vision. But it could also symbolize the undecisive Gemini energy turned negative, as every sign has a negative side, and you might be the one experiencing it.

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