Tarot Card Meaning: The Ten of Cups

Written By Advisor Billy All In The Cards

The Tarot card suit of Cups deals directly with true love and emotions. The Tens of all the suits deal with cycles and changes in regard to the efforts represented by the individual suit. Hence the Ten of Cups Tarot card deals directly with cycles and changes in regards to love and emotions. From a foundational viewpoint this means it encompasses all the steps of the preceding cards, Ace through Nine. Anyone who has ever struggled to do ONE thing right can understand the effort it takes to do NINE things correctly… and keep them together long enough to get to the point where something more can be created from the effort.

When The Ten of Cups shows up in a consult it represents that effort having been achieved. If it shows up in the foundational positions it means that those efforts will now become the second level of development reaping the rewards for said effort.
However, when the Ten of Cups shows up reversed in a consult it can denote a reversal of fortune in regards to love and emotions; the end of the relationship or changes which denote that things will not continue as they had in the past.

Regardless, when the Ten of Cups shows up in a Tarot consult it represents a HUGE effort to even have achieved it, and signifies, to me at least, that's it's worth trying to make the most of your effort regardless of the situation.