Tarot Card Meaning: The Ace of Cups

Written By Advisor Fruno

The Ace of Cups Tarot card is a very high energy card, one that indicates new beginnings, be it with love, career, or life itself. The card is the bearer of pleasure and happiness whereby changes and extraordinary experiences will transcend every day's reality. Dreams can and do come true. The goals from the past which once seemed so important will become less relevant as you explore your own inner consciousness and spirituality. This is the time to listen to your inner voice, to have faith in one's self and to act upon one's own judgment. Trust what your feelings are telling you, for the decisions made at this time will be what is both best and right. The resulting consequences will be positive and extremely fortuitous.

The energy within you is strong. It is time to embrace the love, wisdom, and clarity which the Ace of Cups offers. By doing so, you will be guided in a new direction and experience inner peace and contentment within your own life. The power of knowledge which comes from within your heart is with you and while this wisdom is often associated with love it also touches others areas of your life. Be it with work, investments, or your own spirituality, the card symbolizes that new opportunities will present themselves. This is the time where you will experience the beginning of a great love, joy, and happiness. Embrace all the energy that the Ace of Cups offers and allow yourself to realize these new beginnings.

In the reverse position the card reveals that your life may seem to be displeasing or at a standstill. The energy within is being drained and if one is not careful, feelings of depression can come about at this particular time. This is where poor judgment can result in negative consequences and unhappiness. At the present time in life you will find yourself becoming bored and unmotivated. In the area of love you will see yourself dealing with emotional issues and drama. There are no easy choices and in reality choices should not be made until clarity and inner peace is found. It is best to embrace spirituality, to take a small break and seek out wisdom from others. As time moves forward you will understand these life issues and be in a position to make the right decisions where you will find happiness.