The Nine of Swords

Written By Advisor Rebecca Avoni

The Nine of Swords is often considered the card of worry and anxiety. In almost all tarot decks, this card portrays a sleepless, stressed individual, who is pacing restlessly. But to spite its strong message of concern, the Nine of Swords almost always carries a strangely comforting message.

Pay attention to what position this tarot card occupies in your reading. In the past positions, it advises you to stop dwelling on mistakes or events that you can't change. Regret is pointless, and sometimes damaging. In future positions, the card asks us to carefully consider where our current actions are leading.
When your money or career tarot reading turns this card up, the guides are warning you to carefully examine your finances. Something, somewhere, is not as you believe it to be. This is especially true when it comes to loans and other banking issues.

When it appears in reply to love questions, the Nine of Swords is like a wise friend, offering advice. First, stop worrying about the situation. You must recognize that some things, especially other people's decisions, are simply beyond your control. The universe is working the problem out. So don't lose sleep over the issue right now.

One very unique element of this card is also its emphasis on sleep. Sleep is where the brain, mind, and soul can recharge. Regardless of the question, this tarot card is asking you to examine your sleeping habits, and if need be, ask your doctor how you can best get full, restful nights of relaxation.