Tarot Card Meaning: The Nine of Wands

Written By Advisor Fruno

The Nine of Wands, a minor arcana Tarot card, is a sign in itself that it is time to reflect within and gather one's strength. Don't allow small problems in life to overburden you but at the same time reach out to others where a helping hand is needed with major life issues. It is important to find inner peace and be alert as confusion and chaos will be present in the near future. This period of uncertainty can be overcome with wisdom and patience, so look at long-term solutions instead of short-term answers.

Be prepared for tense situations at work and take defensive measures to avoid such circumstances. Think before speaking and choose your words wisely. Do not allow others to upset you. Instead, be calm even when unpleasant words are spoken. Embrace your intelligence in the workplace arena and you will find stability along with balance.
Regarding love, the Nine of Wands Tarot card tells us it is time to love one's self, to look within our own emotional world. By doing this we will be prepared for a new relationship and all the challenges that offers. But at the same time it is best to move slowly and not be in a rush with matters of the heart. You can have both love and respect, so learn from lessons of the past and do not settle for less with love. As they say good things come to those that can wait and this is especially true with the Nine of Wands.

In the reverse position the Nine of Wands tells us to have faith and not be suspicious of others. By standing steadfast on your own beliefs and not being flexible a secure position may no longer be available to you. This is the time where you need to take care of yourself and be conscious of your environment as poor health is very possible. This is not the time to make assumptions or quick judgments as things are not as they may appear. Be careful not to judge others based upon past relationships as you yourself would not want to be judged in such a fashion.