The Six Of Wands: Tarot Card Meaning & Interpretation

Written By Advisor Rebecca Avoni

Victory, triumph, and success after a long struggle are messages carried to us by the Six of Wands Tarot card. A nearly universally positive card, the Six of Wands assures us that our efforts are about to be rewarded.

What Is The Six Of Wands?

Known as the “Minor Arcana”, this card depicts a horseman riding on a horse amongst a crowd that may be seen as workers. He has a crown over his head and looks to have a prevalent stature amongst the crowds. If you are not feeling acknowledged for your efforts within any area of your life, this card generally predicts that soon, all that is about to change.

Six Of Wands Upright Card Meaning

When the six of wands appears upright, this means there is a clear path to success and recognition. There will be a happy outcome and important milestones are on the horizon. It also suggests that not only will you reach your goals, but you will get a much-needed boost in recognition. This is a very vain card and that means your efforts and yourself will be placed on a pedestal for all to see. Whether publicly or within your immediate circle; everyone will see and know of your triumph.

This card also gives you that extra perseverance to go after your dreams, hopes, and goals because you will come out on top. You should not, at any point, quit or let others steer you off the path to success. Keep on going is the main theme of the tarot card, the six of wands.

Six Of Wands Reversed Card Meaning

If the six of wands tarot card appears reverse during your tarot reading, this means that your recognition and success is more of a personal feat, rather than a public display. It may be personal milestones that you’re trying to reach, or seeking approval from someone. It also urges you to define success on your own terms and not what it means to others around you. You should not rely on other perspectives but your own. This card basically gives you something to think about and go after your own definition of success without letting other people’s energies ruin the moment or the vibe.

Six Of Wands Meaning: Love Tarot Reading

When this card shows up in a love reading, it brings a message of hope. Have you been struggling through a tough time with your beloved? Victory is close at hand. Are you and your lover trying to overcome an external obstacle? Then the Six of Wands encourages you to keep trying. You will succeed soon. For singles seeking a mate, this card signifies that your search will be fruitful eventually, and advises patience.

Six Of Wands Meaning: Money & Career Tarot Reading

Money and career readings are blessed by a promise of eventful success by the Six of Wands. In money matters it indicates that your finances will in general tend to improve. If you are seeking a job or a promotion in your current job, you are going to be triumphant.

Can The Six Of Wands Be Negative?

Though it is mostly positive, the Six of Wands does have a minor shadow side. Check the cards nearby. The Six of Wands almost guarantees you will be victorious, it does not promise the victory will be worth the struggle. This card is a subtle reminder to double check your priorities and be careful what you expend your energy on.


In the bigger picture, when this card appears, it tells you that you have the power to conquer any obstacle that arises in your path. It is a positive card in many ways and gives the person getting the tarot reading a much-needed emotional boost in their endeavours. The most important aspect here is to keep your eye on the prize and to not fall off the horse. If not read properly, it may have many connotations that don’t actually fit with your situation or dilemmas right now. Only the best tarot reader can decipher this card properly and give you insights that pertain to your life and realm.