An In-Depth Tarot Card Meaning- The Ten Of Swords

Written By Advisor Rebecca Avoni

The number 10 is the energy of completion. The end, the finish line, the goal; all of these things are contained in this number. The Ten of Swords is the Tarot card of completed struggles, and battles that have come to a conclusion in our lives. It is time to stop fighting, says this card.

If you are inquiring about your finances, the Ten of Swords has two possible meanings. If the other cards nearby are positive, then the Ten of Swords is telling you to cease struggling; you have already won! Especially for those who work in sales, this tells you that you have already made the deal! Don’t over sell! But if the cards nearby are negative, the Ten of Swords advises that you stop fighting the inevitable. This also may mean losses in legal matters, bankruptcy, or foreclosure on properties.

Love readings are deeply affected by this card, especially when the question is if the lover you desire will choose you or someone else. Are the cards nearby positive? Then your desired mate is headed your way! But if the cards are mostly negative, then the universe is advising you to release this person for now. They are not right for you at this time.

Always, however, Ten of Swords tells us to step back from the situation we are asking about. The universe has opened a new chapter in our lives, and we should be read to meet it with open arms.

The Ten Of Swords- Upright Card Meaning

If you get the ten of swords during a tarot card reading, and it’s upright, then it basically depicts your battle on something that will end- inevitably. No matter how hard you try to keep things afloat, something needs to end. This could mean a current relationship, friendship, business deal, or even a job. Whatever it is, it’s important to accept the outcome and look for new open doors and opportunities. Also, it’s important to find the root of the problem so that you can prevent this misfortune from reoccurring. One of the biggest giveaways when the ten of swords is upright on the tarot deck is that the root of your rocky situation is more often derived from a person. In the workplace, you could be dealing with a colleague who is trying to jeopardize your job, or socially, a friend may have feelings towards your partner and is trying to break the relationship. An experienced Tarot reader will be able to help you find the root problem and give you guidance to steer away from the situation in an amicable manner.

The Ten Of Swords Love Meaning- Upright

Your relationship is rocky, but unfortunately there’s no way around this. It will end, and although it may be painful, know that new beginnings are right around the corner. You may need time to heal as the person you love and once trusted turns out to be deceitful.

The Ten Of Swords Career Meaning- Upright

Maybe it’s time to move on from your current job because if you stay, it will just get worse. In time, you may come to find out that someone has backstabbed you and tried to ruin your reputation. All these harmful actions only boil down to one reason- jealousy. Do not let this affect you and walk away with your chin held high if needed- you may fall victim but better jobs and positions are waiting for you!

The Ten Of Swords- Reversed Card Meaning

When the ten of swords appear reversed, this portrays huge resistance in a situation that needs to end. You either refuse to see the bigger picture, or do not want to accept the fact that it’s time to close this chapter of your life. It’s vital to note that the more you combat an already failed relationship/job/ career/ friendship then the more it will drag and hurt you along the way. You need to take a step back and trust the universe- that better things are coming your way once the saga in your life ends. It’s time to let go and open yourself to a new journey that will certainly be more fulfilling and life-changing. The ending is painful, but fear of letting go makes things worse. Your Tarot reader will tell you exactly how to move on and what your best options are.

The Ten Of Swords Love Meaning- Reversed

Don’t try to deny the fact that your relationship is not so rosy. The more you try to resist the facts, the worse the ending will be. It’s important to react in a respectful and amicable way and not lose yourself in the negative and distressing emotions. When the ten of swords comes up reversed, then it means a lot of resistance is coming from your side, but the ending will be exactly that- an end.

The Ten Of Swords Career Meaning- Reversed

Have you been trying your best to get promoted? Or perhaps, trying to save your job? As with the love meaning card, the ten of swords reversed means that your career is about to take a drastic turn and it may finally be time to start thinking of or acting on your “Plan B”. Be open to new opportunities because these new paths are the only way to having a fulfilling career.


The Ten Of Swords show that there’s major change in your life, and by not trying to combat these changes, you can actually find a better, clearer path. Go with the flow, ride the wave, and trust that everything happens for a reason, and the Universe only has good intentions for you.