What Does The Three Of Cups Tarot Card Mean For You?

Written By Advisor Fruno

Whenever I see the Three of Cups Tarot card I look for a reconnection; a situation where trust of one's heart will be earned by both words and actions. Two hearts that were once apart will come together as one. However, this reconnection is not limited to romance alone but also includes business and the joining of past friendships. Further, the situation is always a pleasant experience as the energy is upbeat and the reunion is pleasing.

The Three Of Cups- General Upright Meaning

For the most part, the three of cups tarot card emits happiness and joy. Whether you may experience this in a certain aspect of your life or in most areas, you can prepare yourself for some positive shifts. In certain situations, the three of cups means that soon, you will be care-free on certain things and you’ll be able to enjoy being with family and friends and create quality, memorable moments.

The Three of Cups signifies good changes and news, be it with investments or with life in general. Such happy occasions as a promotion at work, pregnancy, good heath, an engagement, or another happy life event will take place soon. The card symbolizes a celebration which has been earned.

The Three Of Cups- Upright Love Meaning

Celebrations and happy memories are in order! Sometimes, the three of cups signifies that a close friendship may turn romantic, unexpectedly. As a single person, this card shows that finding love will be easy. Those who are already in relationships will experience more closeness and bonding through happy, social gatherings. Like this, you’ll see how seamless it is for you and your partner to get along in the public eye, especially around close loved ones such as friends and family. Expect a fulfilling, deep connection in this regard.

The Three Of Cups- Upright Career Meaning

Regarding work, the Three of Cups card is a very high energy sign. Money will be coming in, or you could find a new job and/or a promotion if you are seeking that. The mood in general in the working arena is very pleasant. This is the time to keep the faith and not give up on yourself.If you are seeking to go down the entrepreneurial route, this card signifies that things will be going really good for you. Those who work in a office will feel positive vibes going on and teamwork will be easier. Take advantage of these fantastic energies and enjoy every moment.

The Three Of Cups- Reversed Meaning

On the flipside, the three of cups reversed is a whole different ballgame. It means that you do not have any time on your hands to partake in social gatherings and events. You may even become distant from friends and loved ones since you don’t have time to commit to social engagements. Try not to neglect the social aspect of your life, building and maintaining close relationships are crucial.

The Three Of Cups- Reversed Love Meaning

Those who are single may find that while the dating scene seems fruitful for them, their connection with new people will not be a long-lasting one. The sparks may die quickly, especially after the third or fourth date. Those who are already in a relationship need to tread carefully and be alert on outside sources trying to get in between you and your partner. This may come through various channels such as rumors, deception, and unnecessary involvement from the third party. Generally, with the reversed Three of Cups, you may find that financial stresses in life are becoming more frequent and they are starting to affect your relationship.

The Three Of Cups- Reversed Career Meaning

The reversed three of cups may be surprising for those seeking career insights. What you have planned or plan to launch may not go as smoothly as expected. Even if it does go as planned, the results may be a little disappointing. Those who work in an office may find that their environment is negatively affected. The best way to avoid the commotion is not partake in any gossip or demeaning activities. Also, as for finances, you should start budgeting accordingly and not splurge on things that may affect your bank account.


There are different meanings to the Three Of Cups, and depending how they’re drawn, they can mean different things for different people. Upright and reversed Tarot cards sometimes mean different things and so, when reading this card, it should be taken with caution. That’s why it’s best to chat to a professional Tarot reader who can decipher the real meaning behind what the Three Of Cups means for you.