Can Tarot cards help with anxiety? Tarot and mental health

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Top Rated Psychic / 20+ Years of Experience / Tarot & Crystal Reader

Can Tarot cards help with anxiety? Tarot and mental health Can Tarot cards help with anxiety? Tarot and mental health
Can Tarot cards help with anxiety? Absolutely! Tarot cards can help with anxiety in two ways. One way is by showing you the causes and root of your personal anxiety. The second way is to advise you on avoiding future situations that create anxiety. Knowledge is POWER! Most people would define the opposite of anxiety as calmness or serenity. However, that is simply a result of trust. Time and time again, the Tarot shows us feelings of stress, anxiety, and mental issues. Let me give you some specific examples of these Tarot cards for mental health.

Can Tarot cards help with anxiety? Tarot and mental health Can Tarot cards help with anxiety? Tarot and mental health

Please remember that these are my interpretations and may differ from others. Although gender roles are obviously depicted in the Tarot, we should not forget the duality of masculine/feminine within all of us. So, I always refer to them as a character/person rather than he/she or male/female. Today, we will look at cards from the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana. I have chosen thirty-five of the seventy-eight cards to explain the duality of anxiety vs. trust.

The Death card, transformation. This card in the upright/divinatory position is all about an ending and a new beginning. However, when it appears in the reverse position, I have always described this as a sign of mental health issues. The death card in reverse also indicates anxiety, depression and sleep issues. It informs us of a time for change. Letting go of the old and finding a sense of renewal in life. A useful tarot for depression, the death card is all about transformation. Think of it as the butterfly card.

The Star(s) card, to heal or not to heal. In the upright position this is the sign of healing and blessings. But in the reverse position it means melancholy/sadness. When I see the star card in reverse, I feel great compassion for the one I am reading. Their energy is stuck/stagnant. A sense of hopelessness as well. Stars are either shining bright, shooting or falling.

The Hanged Man card, oh my! This card comes up so often when reading people with commitment issues. It can also represent being torn between two lovers. The hanged man is always uncertain and anxious. They cannot make up their mind. They feel as if they are standing on a block with a noose around their neck. This person is confused and feels like they are stuck between a rock and a hard place—fight or flight mode.

Can Tarot cards help with anxiety? Tarot and mental health Can Tarot cards help with anxiety? Tarot and mental health

The High Priestess card, the wise healer. When upright, this person is full of intuition and correct knowledge. In the reverse position, this card indicates “mixed messages.” Someone is being deceived. People are either lying or gossiping. This is a sign of anxiety caused by external forces rather than internal. It means that someone is putting you in this position where you are left in the dark. Information that is coming to you or about you is incorrect.

The Strength card, the Lion. Historically this card was called “Fortitude.” Yes, in the upright position most people see this as the sign of both strength and great resolve. However, the reverse meaning is conflict and struggles. This causes nervousness and irritability. All is not well in the jungle. The lions are restless. The two popular images of lions are exactly like this scenario. Either they are peaceful and statuesque, or they are pacing back and forth frantically.

The Justice card, truth and trials. In the reverse position this card exudes stress, anxiety, and delays. It also represents great conflicts and struggles, literally trials and tribulations. And yes, it can even refer to a legal battle or legal trials. This is all about waiting to hear the end of an already “bad situation.” Unfortunately, this card means that you will have to practice patience. This matter is out of your hands and is not something/someone you can control.

The Wheel of Fortune/Chance card. In the upright position, this card is one of our best friends. Fortune favors the bold! The meaning is about sudden and unexpected change for the better. But we do not want to see this card upside down. Bad news, stress, and omens are the meaning. Fortune and good luck are not on one’s side. Despair, hopelessness, and even a feeling of being cursed or condemned. When we draw this card, there is anxiety and stress over money as well.

The Emperor card, the boss! When this card is in reverse position the main word, I think of is tyrannical. Pompous and arrogant also come to mind. This is the ruler at their worst. Self-indulgence and abuse of power. High levels of mental/emotional anxiety. This is a character who will go to all ends to get what they want. They perceive themselves as almighty. The clan leader. This is Zeus, standing on Mount Olympus ready to hurl a lightning bolt.

Can Tarot cards help with anxiety? Tarot and mental health Can Tarot cards help with anxiety? Tarot and mental health

The Empress card, psychic/intuitive. Their third-eye intuition is the most powerful. But when their world/card is turned upside down these gifts become dormant. They experience mental and emotional anxiety from not being able to see a situation in their lives clearly. They find themselves in a particular situation where they have become stifled. Usually, this is a feeling of over-domestication. Too many mundane and routine actions in life. Not enough freedom and excitement.

King of Cups, the professional. In the upright position, this character is all about business, a very passionate person known for their keen intuition and passionate attitude. But when in reverse, this is a sign of mental instability. The meaning reflects a naturally talented individual who is emotionally lost. I call this the “lost at sea” card. It refers to drowning in one’s own emotions. When this one is turned upside down the person is full of anxiety.

Queen of Cups, the poet. Yes, this person is known for their graciousness. Also, a lover of the arts; poetry and music. But in the reverse position, the throne is turned upside down. Then, their mind turns to drama mode. Often, we see aspects of hypochondria as well, Thoughts and fears of being sick. This person will self-diagnose themselves too. They utilize their perceived health issues to get attention from others. Then the poet becomes an energy vampire. Knight of Cups, poetic romance? In the upright position, this is the sign of hope. Love, romance, and passion. Deep feelings and emotions of love. Literally in poetry/music. In the reverse position, it refers to the irresponsible person. This character is very charming but dangerously irresponsible. They exhibit fraudulent emotions as well. Their words and actions are not aligned. Their anxiety is a result of fear of commitment and fear of emotional intimacy.

Page of Cups, loyal or cheater. This young-hearted individual is of sensitive nature. In the upright position, this person is capable of a deep and loving commitment, loyal to the bone, and extremely affectionate. In reverse, they are sadly seen as the “player/cheater.” They are easily seduced by others too. This card in reverse refers to emotional distress and anxiety. Their mind is full of distraction and seductive thoughts. The focus here is on physical/sexual pleasure, not commitment.

King of Wands/Rods/Staves/Staffs, the pleasant stranger. In the upright position, this person is kind, intelligent, and practical. But when we see this card in reverse all practicality has gone out the window. This person's ego is out of control. We see a very hot/cold nature about this person too. Fear of emotional intimacy and commitment. This is a sign of deep and personal anxiety. Although, they probably don't show it to others. They will appear to be quite indifferent. However, anxiety and fear fill their mind, heart and soul.

Can Tarot cards help with anxiety? Tarot and mental health Can Tarot cards help with anxiety? Tarot and mental health

Queen of Wands/Rods/Staves/Staffs, the sunny one. This person is usually full of grace. An airy, breezy quality about them is often recognized by everyone they meet. In reverse, this person is most anxious though. It is the sign of impatience and frustration. This is an example of a traditionally cool-headed person who is currently freaking out. The worst part about this mindset is it does require patience. Generally, the person feels as if they are at the wits end of their patience.

Knight of Wands/Rods/Staves/Staffs, the traveler. "Head in the clouds" is the perfect meaning for this card. In the upright position, we see a curious person who desires to travel to faraway places. A call to journey/explore. This is a person of far-ranging interests. In the reverse position, we see great anxiety and mental stress. There is a feeling of confinement. They do not feel "free." Generally, this is also a sign of delays. Postponement of travel plans.

Page of Wands/Rods/Staves/Staffs, the pleasant stranger. In the upright position, this person is faithful and loyal. A very suave personality with a kind and friendly face. In the reverse position, we see mental instability. They are continuously indecisive. Sometimes with a malicious intent. This card is known as the "heartbreaker." You will be hearing gossip from this individual. They create anxiety by being mentally indecisive. Also, they act as the bearer of "bad news."

King of Pentacles/Coins, the builder. Generally, in the upright position this is a sign of wealth and success. When it appears in the reverse position, we see great mental fatigue. This card in reverse shows us a deep sadness in the mind. The focus here is greed! There is worry and concern over money. Financial needs are not being met. All this person wants is financial stability. Their woes and concerns over money have moved them to a place of unruly anxiety.

Queen of Pentacles/Coins, the rock. This is one of the most generous signs in the Tarot. This person can always be counted on for support and encouragement. I refer to them as 'the rock" because of their dependable and consistent behavior. However, as with pentacles/coins in the Tarot money becomes a concern here. In the reverse position, this card shows us that the person has become full of anxiety and cold hearted. Many psychics will refer to this card in reverse as the "gold digger."

Can Tarot cards help with anxiety? Tarot and mental health Can Tarot cards help with anxiety? Tarot and mental health

Knight of Pentacles/Coins, the hard worker. In the upright position, this person is both serious and quick to laugh. They are responsible and efficient. Organized and cataloged. In the reverse position, we see a lack of conviction. Especially when concerning love and matters of the heart. They experience anxiety and fear over making a concrete decision. Fear of commitment and emotional connection. I always call this person a hot/cold individual.

Page of Pentacles/Coins, the mysterious intellectual. In the upright position, we see a person of great intellect. Gifted with the knowledge of numbers, math, money and patterns. In the reverse position, we see behaviors of delusions. Delusions over money and finance. This person's expectations are unrealistic. Most definitions refer to this person having a "diluted state of mind." Chaos and anxiety are manifested in them by unrealistic hopes and dreams.

King of Swords, hot headed! A person of a volatile temperament. The born fighter. This card speaks of a person who needs control. They are decisive but also very drama orientated. The need to control everything and everyone creates an intense anxiety in this person. Ultimately, they become the manipulator/bully. Always in search of a victim/poor me personality. This is a card of anger and temper. Mostly, their anxiety and need to control come off as cruel/abusive.

Queen of Swords, the drama queen. Insightful, persuasive, and powerful. No doubt! Unfortunately, this character has one of the worst reputations. An extremely overwhelming personality. The term jealousy does not even come close to describing this individual. They are fanatic and will go to extreme measures to get attention. There is an all-consuming fire in their soul. Joan of Arc, Phaedra, Medea, and Lady MacBeth all rolled in one.

Knight of Swords, sunny/fierce. In the upright position, this meaning is like sunshine! An enthusiastic person of action. Someone who keeps their head held high. Ready to confront the world at full speed. In the reverse position, the meaning is condemnation. A person who is too quick to judge others and themselves. These people act without thinking. Action without forethought is the cause of their anxiety and mental instability.

Page of Swords, the spy. In the upright position, this person is known for their passion. So much so that they will go to the point of spying/stalking another. Despite this passionate personality, they are known for commitment issues. In the reverse position, they are called the imposter. The fraud who wears a mask. A very misguided person. The need to be voyeuristic creates high levels of anxiety. This person will not commit but wants to know your every move.

Judgement/Angel card, death or rebirth. In the upright position, it means higher consciousness and community. I personally refer to this card as the "Phoenix rising from the ashes." The one who eventually overcomes great obstacles. However, in the reverse position this signals all sorts of delays. In love and personal relationships, it speaks of a feeling of someone who is adrift. Gone, absent, missing or even in another state/country. The anxiety here is a feeling of "crash and burn."

The Fool card, the jester. This jovial character is childlike, impulsive, and witty. However, in the reverse position we clearly see a person who is acting childish. Their anxiety has manifested rash and irrational behavior. They choose false steps in their journey and can appear to be oblivious to other's feelings. Their actions are often tainted with intoxication as well. The Fool in reverse can even become violent. Throwing tantrums like an anxious child.

The Magician card, the smooth talker. This person is alluring, well-groomed and always an eloquent speaker. Communication is their gift. But when we see the Magician in reverse, they are a fraud/fake. This person creates anxiety in others through doubt. They are full of fraudulent activities and sideshow thrills. Part of their mental health issues is an air of narcissism. Self-centered, self-absorbed and self- involved. Arrogant, conceited and egomaniac.

Can Tarot cards help with anxiety? Tarot and mental health Can Tarot cards help with anxiety? Tarot and mental health

The World card, everything or nothing. This sign represents perfection. Having everything in life that one could desire, especially love. Upright this card means soulmates. The karmic sign of union and marriage. When we see this card turned upside down all we feel is stress, anxiety and fatigue. Our world is truly out of balance. There are feelings and emotions of incompleteness in our lives. This also refers to a separation or divorce.

The Temperance card, balance vs. excess. This is the sign of harmony in the upright position. I have always called it the card of opposites who attract. But in reverse, it means excessiveness. No moderation is to be found. There is a great polarization of the mind too. This person's mind and thoughts have become unbalanced. This person is like a magnet. Either attracting or in a state of repulsion. We also tend to see this person using the victim/poor me scenarios.

The Chariot card, victory vs. defeat. This card has the duality of peace of mind vs. chaos. Upright position, we see it as pure victory. Triumph over opposition. Winning the long battle. In reverse, it means defeat. A great set back had occurred. Grandstanding and sword rattling are also common. Most psychics will refer to this card in reverse as a sign of the "Bully." Some even call it the "alcoholic." Stress, anxiety, and manipulation are present.

The Tower card, disaster or rescue. This card depicts two towers representing a relationship. Either between lovers, friends, family or co-workers. In the reverse position, this card is a lifesaver. It means a relationship will be rescued and a great demise has been avoided. Unfortunately, the upright/divinatory meaning is a disaster. High anxiety and heartbreak. A breakup, separation and even divorce are predicted. This is also a sign of a long-distance relationship. The Lovers card, cupid's arrow. Venus/Aphrodite. As with all things we see "two sides of the same coin." To love or not to love. True love vs. unrequited love. Upright, this card simply means romance. Passion and amorous affection. The sign of Eros, God of love. In reverse, the meaning is heartache, anxiety and despair. This is the end of a relationship. Or sometimes the end of one that never started. Love acting blind and foolish. Star-crossed lovers.

The Hermit card, the loner. Upright position, this person is on a spiritual quest. A personal or spiritual pilgrimage. Introspection and the search for honesty. In the reverse position, we only see a sad and lonely person. Barrenness, loneliness, and cynicism. The hermit is a quiet person who is in a cave of darkness. Do not expect much communication, if any at all. This is the lone wolf. The one who is anxious about love and intimate relationships.

The Devil card, the child. This is the sign of the mythical character, Pan. The wild and light-hearted god of the hillsides. In the upright position, this person is seen as childish. The victim persona. The poor-me complex. In the reverse position, the meaning is panic and anxiety. This is also a sign of cheating. This character is known for "painting the town red." Many lovers with no real no commitments. They cope with their anxiety/mental health issues through physical pleasures.

In closing, I would like to thank you for taking the time to learn about the mental health tarot spread. People all over the world are suffering/surviving with anxiety and mental health issues. You are not alone. You have never been alone. At the end of the day, every experience we have ultimately leaves us with one of two feelings. Anxiety or Trust. This can be felt in the mind, body, heart or spirit. Remember, when you are in the dark, all you need is a fragment of light to see the way. Wishing you a stress-free day and good mental health.
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