How Accurate is a Tarot Reading?

Laurie A. (Laurie Moore)
Top Psychic Advisor / Experienced Professional / Psychic, Telepath, Coach
Top Psychic Advisor / Experienced Professional / Psychic, Telepath, Coach

Are tarot cards really accurate?Are tarot cards really accurate?
Some of the most common questions I get asked as a professional Tarot reader are “do Tarot cards really work? Do Tarot cards come true? Are they accurate?” 

To put it simply: it depends. When it comes to getting the most out of Tarot readings, you have to have the right mindset about the cards and about yourself. Having the right mindset about Tarot cards means understanding that they are a tool, a compass, giving you feedback about your life as your destiny unfolds in real time. Because, let’s face it, life in the present and the future is incredibly dynamic, constantly shaped by an endless amount of wheels simultaneously set in motion.

When it comes to having the right mindset about yourself, you’ll benefit from Tarot cards most if you’re proactive and ready to seek out positive outcomes in your life. If there’s one thing that those of us in this line of work understand it’s that you have very little control over anything in life, except how you choose to channel your energy, to seize the opportunities around you and make change in this world for the better.

In other words, if you want the Tarot cards to work for you, you have to be ready to work for yourself. After all, what use is a compass, if you’re just wandering? Tarot cards gauge and clarify how your own intentions, motives, and choices shift your life’s direction at every turn. That means, when done right, you can actually navigate your life towards positivity and prosperity in the realm of love, money, and miracles.

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Do Tarot Cards Tell the Truth?

If you are using the services of a professional Tarot reader, you can be sure that you’ll get an accurate reading. Tarot cards can show you your future according to your reality as it is now. Not only that, but they can tell you more about the present, as well. After all, what is the present if not a precursor to the future? 

One important way that I have seen clients use Tarot card readings to change their lives for the better is pinpointing the ways in which they might be hindering their own success. Often, without realizing it, we place restrictions on ourselves and our psyche. We keep ourselves from success in many different ways and in different areas of our lives. Becoming consciously aware of this tendency means we can now recognize these issues and begin proactively dealing with them, whereas they might have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Often these kinds of self-imposed hindrances are a result of past trauma. If you have emotional trauma you need to work past, consider seeking out a professional counselor to help you heal from whatever is causing these negative patterns in your life.

Here’s a firsthand example from a client: a woman called feeling confused about her career path. The reading indicated that she was using a lot of her own energy to help her husband with his career. While it is advisable and good for couples to help one another, the degree to which she was helping her spouse was taking focus away from her own profession and personal balance. 

The reading helped her to see her own lack of balance. Moving forward, she had two options to choose from with how to respond to the reading:

  1. feel upset at her imbalanced destiny,
  2. or make a positive and valuable change.

She decided to make a change. She explained to her husband that she would continue to help him but with certain boundaries in place. She encouraged him instead to get help from his business staff so she could focus on building her own business. Her husband, in turn, realized that he had become over-reliant on her. He saw that her decision to focus on her own career would benefit them both. The woman’s business flourished as did her husband's. As he began to rely more on the expertise of those around him, who had the wisdom and ability to contribute, new doors opened to him. As she became focused on her own professional goals, she prospered emotionally, spiritually, and financially.

Can Tarot Cards Be Wrong?

Sometimes the results of a Tarot card reading done by a professional reader doesn’t actually come to pass. This is often because the information given by the Tarot cards wasn’t acted upon in the best way, if at all. While Tarot cards are an incredibly powerful tool for guiding you in all realms of your life, they’re very little use if you don’t act on the information they give you. Tarot cards, alone, have very little authority over your own destiny. They cannot create change for you. To believe so would be completely missing the point of this wondrous medium. The card reading points to the greatest sources of opportunity in your life, as well as your biggest pain points that are holding you back. 

Let's look at a specific card pick to further illustrate this point: Candy was getting ready for her Big Day, and decided to have a Tarot card reading before her wedding to make sure that everything will turn out well. After applying diligent focus to planning this wedding, Candy picked the sun card. Candy has had a great attitude toward her wedding, and the card that reflected back to her. 

But that’s when things went wrong. Because the sun card showed that the wedding preparations were on track, Candy’s focus and motivation wavered. She slacked off from feeling grateful, focusing positive intentions for the Big Day, and from making important practical choices for her wedding. In the end, her wedding did not meet her expectations. 

right tarot cardsright tarot cards

Delilah was also preparing for her wedding and wanted a Tarot card reading to know what the outcome will be. She, too, picked the sun card for her wedding. Delilah celebrated the good fortune of having picked this card as a reflection of her deep focus. The bride-to-be continued on with her efforts with just as much enthusiasm as before. Delilah made a point to imagine her wedding with delight every day in order to build positive wedding energy. She carefully deliberated before each practical decision for the wedding. In the end, her wedding day was one of the best days of her life. Family and friends who attended reported that they felt deeply moved by the palpable energy of the celebration, as well.

The difference between Candy and Delilah is clear: Delilah understood the purpose of the Tarot cards, while Candy did not. Instead of seeing the reading as a gauge for the positive direction she was moving in, Candy saw it as something set in stone, regardless of how much or how little effort she’d continue to put into her wedding preparations. Delilah, on the other hand, used the results of her reading as reinforcement, encouraging her to double down on the good path she was on. 

Have more general questions about how Tarot card readings work, like “do Tarot cards bring spirits” or “how long does it take for a reading to come true?” Or perhaps you’re getting ready for your Big Day or a job interview, and want to see how you’ll fare? Consult with one of our Tarot card reading advisors today to get your questions answered and learn how your destiny is unfolding at this very moment.

About Laurie A. (Laurie Moore)
Laurie A. is a gifted heart-telepath who has a background in psychotherapy & hypnotherapy. She is an author and has appeared on many top spiritual and main stream shows such as Beyond the Ordinary with John Burgos, CBS, Fox News, Ricki Lake, In the Company of Angels.
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Top Psychic Advisor / Accurate Readings / Love Psychic, Tarot Readings
Top Psychic Advisor / Accurate Readings / Love Psychic, Tarot Readings

Are Tarot Cards Accurate?

As early as the 1780’s, possibly earlier, the Tarot cards that we know today started to entrance people with the possibility of reading the future, seeing what to expect from whom and getting a fun answer to who their soul mate would be. It is no surprised that the first rumbling of this game came from this early time in and around the city of love itself, Paris France. It began as an aristocratic distraction brought to parties to enliven otherwise mundane experiences that seemed to begin to repeat themselves over and over. Then it crossed over into being a guilty pleasure of the very same people that were suddenly supposed to be more pious and repentant. Regardless of its beginnings Tarot has long since been the go to tool for many psychics, mediums and countless other spiritual gurus that have popped up in our lives over the past many years.

In the 20+ years of using the Tarot as a part of the tools in my reading offerings. I can unequivocally say that Tarot Cards, when used properly are very accurate. They are a very viable tool that can be used to give peace of mind to clients about their path, a question that has been nagging at them, or just a simple choice they have been trying to make regarding an employment opportunity.

While there are some misconceptions on what some cards mean because of rampant media exposure, especially in suspense or horror film genres, the overall use and outcomes of Tarot readings have always been accurate with what is asked of them and the outcome of the readings according to feedback from thousands of clients. Tarot cards are not a game to be played at a slumber party, or something to be toyed with by someone who has not studied the cards, their meanings and what the cards together can mean for a client. Too many times they are portrayed as evil or even a conduit for an evil entity to enter someone’s home and raise havoc. Tarot cards can be fun to use and to interpret but they are definitely meant to be taken seriously.

Tarot can be a more generalized or what a client may call a “vague” reading. But that is the beauty of having a Tarot reading. Tarot is not meant to answer all of the questions. It is meant to be interpreted for you, as a client, as to what each card speaks to and then have that interpretation of the cards explained to the client in relation to their question. But with that said, it also leaves open interpretation by the client themselves. It could be days or even weeks later when a client will recall what the Tarot had advised them and then all of the sudden their question will come into place like watching puzzle pieces come together right in front of their eyes. Suddenly the vagueness becomes clear and the reading makes perfect sense. This allows the clients to use their own free will and open minds to help themselves all because of the advice that was gleaned from the Tarot reading they had.

One point that many people do not realize is they cannot simply buy a deck of Tarot cards and read these cards on their own situation. A person is too close to their own situation to be able to have an impartial reading on their questions. Be it about love or financial things, we do influence the things we do by thinking about the outcomes that we would like to see happen. So if you are even a very studied reader, take the time and have a colleague read the cards for you. You will not regret the accuracy you will receive. They also cannot read a situation for a friend or relative. This is someone who they are close to and would like to give hope or give them a positive reading because they care about them. And while it may seem exciting or fun to show a friend or loved one your new learned skill of Tarot reading, this type of reading definitely would not be an accurate one.

Does this mean that the Tarot is 100% accurate all of the time? Of course not! No thing or person nor should be expected to be perfect. There are times when a question is misunderstood and therefore the cards read and seem “off”. Other times a client can make an impetuous decision and change their paths even slightly and then the Tarot can be wrong. All in all, the Tarot is meant to be a guide to both the reader and the client in regard to the important questions they may have weighing on their minds. It is a wonderful tool to help guide us in the right direction and give us a sign post to follow when we become a little turned around or mixed up.

If you want to give Tarot a try for the first time I would be happy to give detailed description of each card that is pulled for your specific question and I can address any question from love to financial or job questions you may have. Tarot readings can be fun to see what cards come up and to see how they fit in with what your questions are about. Also, if there is any question you may have about one of the cards that is drawn I can answer you and clear up any confusion or questions that may have.
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Is love in the cards for you? Visit my profile and we can find out for you! Each reading is unique and drawn for just for you. I am always ready and grateful to have a chance to help you with your questions through Tarot. I hope to see you visit my chat soon and receive your personal reading from my cards. I am more than happy to be here for any of your questions.
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