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Laurie A. (Laurie Moore)
Top Psychic Advisor / Experienced Professional / Psychic, Telepath, Coach
Top Psychic Advisor / Experienced Professional / Psychic, Telepath, Coach

There are many types of love and relationship tarot spreads. Each one is valuable. When you are seeking a Tarot reading on love and relationship, five key things will help you to make the best use of the psychic love Tarot reading.

love tarot card reading for singles love tarot card reading for singles 1. Understand that the reading is a perception of your life today. Your life today is composed of many thoughts and feelings that you are generating by your choice of focuses. If you are not delighted by the realities that the reading reflects, you have the option to make changes. This is liberating news. You are free to re-create your own life trajectory for your own fulfillment. When you are happy, others receive wonderful energy from you, so everyone prospers!

2. You can make changes to your current reality, which is determining your future reality, by applying gratitude. Focus gratitude on all that delights you. In the same way that watering a garden allows the vegetables to grow and thrive, focusing gratitude on all that gives you joy, allows your life experiences to grow and thrive in good ways. For example, if the eight of swords is drawn on your current state of mind during a love Tarot card reading for singles, do not become a victim of this card! The eight of swords shows a person who is fully alone and trapped by her own beliefs, but rather than falling prey to the idea that you must keep this reality, use the information to change your reality. Ask your Tarot reader to help you to identify beliefs that are keeping you trapped and alone. Ask your reader for tools on how to change these beliefs so that your reality changes and you can draw potential love. Do the homework so when you have a future love tarot spread reading, your life has changed. The card that is drawn for you next time will reflect this. More importantly, you will feel empowered and much more secure. You will become a creator in your life experiences!

3. Detailed introspection about your beliefs will lead to great rewards. Using the above example of the eight of swords drawn on your love consciousness, you can ask yourself questions. For example, what do I believe about love that is keeping me alone? Some of the common planetary beliefs that keep people trapped in loneliness include A) I was hurt before so I will be hurt again. B) I have embarrassing flaws. C) I am supposed to suffer. D) I am not enough as is. A reader can help you to uncover hidden beliefs that have kept you stuck. When my clients ask me for this kind of help, I use the Love Tarot Card Spread to give them a list of unconscious beliefs they carry. I help them to release the energy that has kept these beliefs in place so there is room for new self-supporting beliefs. Next, I help them to replace the released these negative beliefs with new specific beliefs that point them toward the kind of love they seek. Positive changes are made in their lives.

4. Writing down a list of new beliefs to practice in place of the old limiting beliefs will change your love life as well as your own sense of self-honor. Replacing limiting beliefs with opposite beliefs will cause you to go in a much happier direction. Research shows that people who do well on tests in school, practice putting new beliefs into their own minds on the subject matter by reciting the beliefs over and over. Eventually, the brain and body accept the new beliefs as real. Let’s use the four beliefs above as an example. I will change each one to the opposite reality here: A) Change having been hurt before to I know how to better discern when choosing a mate. I also know how to be more loving to myself. The result of this past experience is that I will only accept a mate who is honest, loyal, and very kind. I will give honesty, loyalty and kindness to my mate. B) Change I have embarrassing flaws to everyone is imperfect, everyone feels embarrassed at times. People love each other because of their imperfections. If I was perfect, nobody could relate to me. I can love myself and even laugh tenderly about my flaws. As I make peace with my own flaws, I will attract someone who loves me for both my strengths and weaknesses. I can love another for both their strengths and weaknesses.

5. Love outcome cards from a Future Love Tarot Reading can be inspiring and helpful. Let’s say for example that the Sun is chosen for love outcome. It feels great to see that card. However, what we do with that card is what ensures good love. Again as an example, if you are given the sun for an outcome card in the love and relationship tarot spread, take this information into practical reality. Make a list of everything that positive love means to you. If positive love means listening carefully, listen carefully to everyone you meet. Generate the energy you wish to attract, everywhere you are! Take note of who listens carefully to you (and who doesn’t) before making a relationship choice.

true love tarot reading true love tarot reading

In sum, astute psychics and heart-telepaths* give us a picture of reality as we have currently created it. It is up to each of us to transform our reality with this information. We do so by substituting negative planetary beliefs with positive ones, practicing virtuous ways of interacting, and discerning who meets our criteria for relating in love. This is an ongoing life practice. Psychics and heart-telepaths will help us to navigate love and life moving forward when we are proactive with the knowledge offered.

*Psychic never fully described what I do so I have called myself a heart-telepath for over a decade. I understand people from heart to heart and soul to soul with good intentions for most favorable outcomes. If you want reliable love and relationship insights and advice, feel free to contact me or any of the other professional advisors on Kasamba.
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Laurie A. is a gifted heart-telepath who has a background in psychotherapy & hypnotherapy. She is an author and has appeared on many top spiritual and main stream shows such as Beyond the Ordinary with John Burgos, CBS, Fox News, Ricki Lake, In the Company of Angels.
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