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Laurie A. (Laurie Moore)
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Top Psychic Advisor / Experienced Professional / Psychic, Telepath, Coach

Past life tarot spread reading Past life tarot spread reading

When used well a past life Tarot spread or past love tarot spread can help to create a fulfilling future. The reason for this is that we recycle primary issues from lifetime to lifetime until we resolve the issues. Often our deepest issues are not clear to us because we have so many emotions involved in the life scenarios that unresolved issues cause.

For example, a sailor who had lost a brother in the sea had a lingering issue with separation anxiety. This man loved the sea but also had deeply unsettling feelings about the sea. For three lifetimes he was attracted to work boats where the water gave him peace at the beginning of each journey. Yet by the end of the first few weeks on the water in his current life, an unexplainable upset would grow in his tummy. He would feel alone. His heart would ache. He explained this to himself as being normal because there are risks to being out at sea. Plus his partner who had a fully different career could not accompany him on his boat work. He decided his pain made sense so he tried to live with it.

However, the feelings grew to unbearable over the years. He sought out help through a past relationship tarot spread which is a very self-respecting choice. His past life tarot spread reading revealed to him that his upset came from previous lifetimes. To release the upset he needed to heal residual energy from the past. With help from the reader, he was able to identify unconscious beliefs stored in his brain and body so that he could continue with his career in ease.

Here are limiting beliefs I helped him to identify and release through a past relationship tarot spread:

  1. Sooner or later being on the ocean leads to loss.
  2. A feeling of despair is always going to be part of being on the ocean.
  3. The emotion of grief is a normal and consistent feeling when working.

Though limiting beliefs do not make sense to our rational mind, they get stored in the cells, organs, and bones of our bodies, registering as reality. We acclimate to these unconscious beliefs thus shaping our own experiences in unfavorable ways. We don't do this on purpose. We do this because we are human and this is part of the human experience. This type of experiences shows us when we are needing to find new clarity through tools such as past life tarot spreads, and past love tarot spreads.. After receiving a clearing on the non-beneficial beliefs we can choose new beliefs that generate valuable experiences. I suggested the following replacement beliefs to this person.

  1. Ocean trips clear all past sorrows, amplifying present peace and joy.
  2. A feeling of cleansing, peace, and relief of any burdens is a dependable part of a boat and ocean experience
  3. When on the ocean, the vast space allows me to pick feelings I enjoy. By focusing on favorite feelings, I experience these feelings often!

After releasing old beliefs to experience the new replacement beliefs some residual anguish from past lives was revealed to be healed. The reading showed that this person had a gift for transforming his own difficulties. He could now un-cover his gift more deeply. I asked him to speak to his highest self about his anguish as well as his gift, before the next past relationship tarot spread reading, so we could align with favorable outcomes. I suggested he ask his higher self for solutions.

This lead to a current life memory of his mother being jealous of his natural healing gifts. He released any attachment to pleasing her via hiding his gift. He set an intention that she find her own gifts more clearly so jealousy could be erased.

Now he could release his own anguish and enjoy his boat time fully. It worked! The shift lasted.

Sometimes when we are struggling with repetitive emotions, circumstances, thoughts, or confusions and not finding answers, a past life tarot spread will help us to heal. As a result, we shall find happier, more rewarding occurrences to be our new norm. Past relationship tarot spreads really do work after all!

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