Forgetfulness! Repose of your life

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Forgetfulness! Repose of your life Forgetfulness! Repose of your life
Keep remembering! Sometimes forgetting is also a good thing.

We always heard that you should keep remembering this and that. We try to remember all the happenings, incidents of our life: our study, school, college, friends, trips, first job, birthdays, marriage and so many more events. We carry all these memories with us to talk about or remember in the future.

A good mind is one who remembers all memories perfectly. But now I would suggest that ‘to forget’ is a good thing and very important to lead a pleasurable and fulfilling life.

There are few major events in our life where our religion and mythology work on this principle of forgetfulness.

In Chinese mythology, there is a Goddess of forgetfulness called Meng Po.

This Goddess serves soup to the dead for forgetting all life events, wiping the mind of these memories so that one can enter the next life in a pure or clean state of mind.

Freeing yourself from all previous life memories can enable you to live a better current or next life without any pressures of past memories in mind. This Goddess does amnesia or waters of oblivion. That one will need to drink before entering the next life.

Forgetfulness! Repose of your life Forgetfulness! Repose of your life

Greek mythology has similar sayings that drinking from the river removes old memories so that life can be afresh for the next birth.

In most religions, there are myths about forgetting all these memories which we have cultivated during our life.

As per Hindu’s myth, amid cremation, they do ‘Kapal Kriya’. A big bamboo shoot is placed on the body’s mind region during cremation in the belief that the soul won’t remain connected to the mind. The person can then have a new birth with a fresh memory or an empty hard drive to live a better, new life.

We must wipe memories in this life instead of carrying them to the next birth. Just like for your laptop or mobile’s hard drive, you need some space after a certain time of use. Similarly, when a soul crosses the line of this life, this requires an empty clean space for the mind’s hard drive to enjoy the next birth for fresh experiences, happiness, and prosperity of life.

Mythology says if we don’t cleanse ourselves of the memories, then a cluster of memories will enter in our next life. It will not be easy to live a fresh and pure life. There will be a hindrance for us to make a creative and joyful presence. Past memories can restrict us from trying new things in our present life.

That is why forget or oblivion – a state of amnesia is also good sometimes.

All these myths on forgetfulness from so many different religions provide us with teachings for current life too.

Your mind might ask questions like ‘Is it good to forget bad memories?’ ‘Is it better to forget the past?’ Why do we forget some things but not all? Is it OK to forget events of our current life?

There is no bewilderment to forget our current life events. We should replenish our memories. You should be aware of your life events. Let me explain in detail:

Is it OK to forget events of our current life?

You should recollect all your desires, knowledge, and happenings of your life. Now, you should partake in retrospection. Once you start this exercise for past happenings of your life, you will be startled with all covert happenings that had not been recognized before. These conspicuous events can make you indecisive, and you could assort all your memories, be it erroneous or righteous. You will need to vanish these erroneous things and forget the past that is impacting your current and future happenings. You would be able to feel lightened in your inner consciousness.

Why do we forget some things but not all?

There are some past happenings which are negatively influencing you, causing your mind to fill with sadness and indecisiveness.

You need to forget these to enhance your future and attain brightness with happiness.

Let me explain through a real-life example based on one of my readings which I did for a client about her love relationship.

It was last summer. A client called me for a session. She was unhappy in her love life and asked ‘Will I ever find a guy for long-lasting love?’

I was engrossed in my vision and found some senses on her path. I found that she had worse happenings in her past, which influenced her present and instilled this fear. She needed to forget those happenings and bring her mind back fully into her present life. Once she felt comfortable in her mind, then she would be able to relish her current life.

I explained to her that she should retrospect her past years or analyze things about her past life that were hurting her. I said to her that something happened in early teenage years, a boy cheated on her and ghosted her. That incident always haunts you. She could not forget that incident of her life. That is creating turmoil, unsure thoughts in mind and an insecure future path. These realizations made her nervous and she could not trust any future love mate. She always finds herself stuck and feels all men will be unfaithful in a relationship.

Forgetfulness! Repose of your life Forgetfulness! Repose of your life

I suggested to her that she needs to forget that part of memory, clean her mind and come back to the present moment of life again. She should forget the boy who ghosted her. She should feel relaxed as that moment has passed and has nothing to do with her present and future.

She followed my guidance. She took the time and applied this forgetfulness act in her life. She found other events in her past memory while introspecting, which she also cleansed and replenished. Later, she found a true romantic love mate and got married with brightness and her joyful present self. She was very thankful to me for this beautiful guidance.

That’s why it’s important to forget some happenings of life. You need to take out time now and repose in your life. Need to leave or forget some happenings to move forward afresh in your life.

Is it good to forget bad memories?

Yes of course you should forget bad memories to bring glimmer in the upcoming future. If you keep carrying past events in your mind, then your mind will always be filled up, messed up with all those good and bad memories. Once you decide to work on cleaning memories which are blocking you and stopping your upcoming event, or creating a delay in positive happenings of life, then you must work on this principle of forgetfulness. Your life will change for the better. New sparks will emerge on your path and these lights will engulf your future life.

It is always good to forget bad memories, restore them, and repose your life.

Is it better to forget the past?

I am not saying to completely forget the past, instead I suggest you work on your memories. You will find smiles and tears with those memories and you will be able to identify the particular events which are preventing you from doing new things in your current and future life.

You should replan or restore your past. You should save good events and smile, forget or vanish those events which are giving you tears and blockages. You will find a real path and will bounce back in your life again.

You must not wait for a myth to live in the present moment of life. You should forget those happenings which can create impedance in the growth of our current life. Create your own myth. Meditate your mind to forget sadness, grief and negative thoughts, and encourage yourself to be in a fresh state of mind in present life. You will attain beatitude and ecstasy. You will enjoy the true bliss and repose of your current life.
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