What will happen in the next 20 years?

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Top Clairvoyant Psychic / 20+ Years Experience / Spirit Guide Communication

What will happen in the next 20 years What will happen in the next 20 years
Today we are fighting with Covid-19 and the world has come to a halt.

I was thinking about myself, why am I a gifted psychic sent to this world? How can I use this gift to save my beautiful world in the upcoming future years? This very idea is vibrating my soul and my mind and now I have decided that yes, I will use this gift to the best of my ability and I will try to find my best guidance for the coming few years.

I was sitting in my room waiting for these cosmic waves to give me that sense, and yes, I found it’s such a wonderful connection between cosmic lights and me. This cosmic connection sent me a few senses and now I felt a need to write this in detail and show you some insights . As you are reading this article, I am smiling for you.

What will happen in the next 20 years What will happen in the next 20 years

I am seeking the senses that will be coming out of this current pandemic i.e. Covid-19. This epidemic will completely vanish and the world will be saved. My guides are telling me that the coming year, 2021, will bring a real bright color of energy and the world will be blessed with a cure. A clear direction will come for its treatment and we will overcome it. Lives will be saved and our future will be bright.

Now there is a question, will our future always be bright? Is this the last pandemic for the world or there is something more? Will we or our next generations have to suffer again in future?

I sat again, engrossed in my thoughts and trying to get a connection with my guides. I am trying to communicate with my angels and see into the future.

Here I am getting some new senses and it shows that it’s not the last pandemic, the world might face it again. It might be coming back after some period of time or after a few years with a new name and affect us again.

I am getting a sense of messages through my guides that it may come again and its indicating that it may impact us somewhere around the year 2024 .

What will happen in the next 20 years What will happen in the next 20 years

Yes, there is an indication that in that year we might face it again, and this time, there will be scarcity of humanity, help and social services. We may lose many of us in this world. My guides are showing that this time it might come up in Europe and this new virus will be given a new name. I am getting some initials and I found the letter “P’’, so it could be named after “P”.

I sat again, trying to enquire my guides about the future of the full decade of 2020 and I found that this decade will not have any more pandemics.

So will that be the end of the pandemic era? Or do I need to look further?

Again, I am engrossed in my deep thoughts and was thinking further - should I ask one more time about another decade too? I did that and found another astounding insight, this time I found that the world might be hit again with a new pandemic somewhere around the year 2036. My guides show that this pandemic could turn into a big war for the world and this pandemic will not be easy to manage.

his pandemic should start off somewhere in Asia and will influence the entire world.

We shall give a new name to this war-like pandemic. As I can envision it , it may be named after the initial “O”.

What will happen in the next 20 years What will happen in the next 20 years

This pandemic will cause serious harm to humanity, and we may lose a large number of people worldwide.

During that time, a new era will start in the world. This will be a world of new hi-tech technology metals like titanium, lead and a few others will play an important role. We will be much closer to robotics and automatic machineries with aless human touch.

That new world will be running with a bliss of lights and machines. I am thinking about that world too and getting insights that we will be using a lot of advanced technologies and machines for most of our work, such as auto-driving cars, wrist phones, data in our nails, 11G data transfer in seconds and much more. On the other hand, what my guides are showing is that during this time, our immune system will play an important role for us to face a new world war of the year 2036.

These are my guides’ messages which came to me through my curiosity. These are really not my imagination or intuition. I am sharing my future visions with all of you in the form of this article with the belief that this can guide us to be more aware of our own health and focusing more on our immune system. We need to be better prepared with increased immunity and be ready to face a new pandemic again
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