In Love with a Capricorn Woman?

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Top Psychic Advisor / 20+ Years of Experience / Psychic, Empath, Clairvoyant
She is one of the exquisite mysteries of the Zodiac. She is strong but gentle. Much like the Rose, you have to handle her with care. If you aren’t careful, you’ll be stung by a sharp thorn. She can be quite approachable while having an edge to her that comes across as an overt boldness to speak her mind. She doesn’t mean any harm. In fact, she can be the gentlest, softest human being that you will meet. A Capricorn woman is eager to help a friend in need and loyal to the end of the world. Just don’t make the mistake of crossing a Capricorn woman or taking her for granted. You may not get the benefit of doing so again. Ruled by the planet Saturn, Karma is instinctively part of what makes her tick. She believes deep down that things will work out for the good. That every action has an equal and opposite reaction. She holds herself and those that she loves to a higher standard.

A Capricorn Woman in Love

She doesn’t seek out to hurt others. Even when she feels hurt. Her first instinct is to withdraw, smile and keep going in the opposite direction. She won’t waste time on trying to figure out why a partner doesn’t want or need her. Although deeply emotional and sensitive, the Capricorn woman can be equally logical and concise in her dealings with love and romance. She will give everything of herself to those that she loves. There is no holding back here. She will keep a keen eye on you and what you’re doing though. She’s no fool. As long as she’s communicating with you, you’re on solid ground. If she becomes quiet, withdrawn or hard to reach - the writing might be on the wall.

capricorn woman capricorn woman

So how is a Capricorn woman in bed?

Though she can be quiet and seem demure, the Capricorn woman has a deep penchant for sexual exploration and even kinkiness. If you gain the Capricorn woman's trust and trigger their interest enough, you’ll find yourself getting lost in sexual experiences that can rival any other sign. They are open to every expression of passion and love. The only limit is both your imaginations. That is if you get that far. The Capricorn Woman is not going to jump in bed with everyone or anyone. She’s selective about her mates. Being boring won’t do you any more than being overly aggressive to win her over. You’ll have to prove yourself first. Be bold, be brave and be fearless, and be especially respectful of her boundaries. She won’t tell you twice.

One of the facts about Capricorn women is that they are homebodies - but she doesn’t need any help in that area. An adventurous spirit is a significant, positive trait to the Capricorn woman. All things have to be in balance though. She doesn’t want to be out every night painting the town red. But if you have an idea to do something different, that she hasn’t done before, she’s up for it! Just make sure that you give her time to settle for the night, make room for weekends visiting antique shops or just walking along a quiet path by a body of water.

So what is one of the negative traits of a Capricorn woman?

It’s not unusual for her to be fluent in the art of sarcasm and appreciative of irony. You’ll need thick skin to be with her, while keeping in mind that she is sensitive to her core.

Sound conflicting? Maybe to you, but not to her. She enjoys the thrill of climbing the greatest peaks while being equally comfortable swimming in the deepest oceans. Just not on the same days of the week. She’s a thrill seeker who loves nothing more than cuddling next to a warm fire with someone that loves her as much she loves them.

description of a capricorn woman description of a capricorn woman

Wondering about your compatibility?

If you are looking for a woman that will rock your world while also enjoying being home with you, she’s the one. If you want someone who enjoys to Netflix and chill on a cold night with hot cocoa but that can at the drop of a dime make a run for drinks with you across town, she’s the one. If you want someone who will be dedicated to raising a family while keeping it real in every other area, putting you on equal footing with everyone else in her orbit, always looking to make the relationship all that it can be, look no further.

Though complex and often misunderstood, she’s a rare pearl to those who can find her, hold on to her and cherish her attributes. Those that do, get the best of her, never to experience the boring lulls that some relationships suffer from. The Capricorn woman will keep it interesting, fun and challenge you at every turn.

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