The Sagittarius Woman

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She is the free-spirited, hunter-warrior of the Zodiac, fearless in the face of anything. The Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter and her element is fire. She's well known for blazing her own trail and prefers to lead rather than follow. The classic symbol of this zodiac sign may be the half-man, half-horse archer, but the Sagittarius woman couldn’t be further from that. She's all woman and all amazing. Famous examples include Tyra Banks, Christina Aguilera and Taylor Swift.

All About The Sagittarius Woman

A good description of the Sagittarius woman is that she is ever-evolving. She's not the same person from one year to the next. She's always growing and seeking out new adventures. She is the definition of a free spirit. If there is a place where women aren't generally welcome, she'll be there just to shake things up. She has no trouble asserting herself. Feeling that she is on a level all of her own, she doesn't compete with others; instead, she battles with the status quo. Her role in the universe is to challenge, test, and see if things should be as they are or need to be changed.

The Sagittarius Woman’s Negative Traits

The need for constant momentum means that she can bore easily. You can't hang with a Sagittarius woman if you’re not unusual, interesting, and willing to follow her lead. She enjoys a challenge, any challenge. She loves to stand up for those in need and will defend any cub from any size bear. She's not fond of bullies, but can be prone to picking on "victims," herself. She has zero patience for self-pity of any kind. At least if you are the one feeling sorry for yourself. She can and does throw pity parties, but they are well concealed as justified complaints about being mistreated, whether it be by her pastor, or even God himself. She's right, and you're wrong. You don't stand a chance. Disagreements usually end with an ultimatum: her way or the highway. The Sagittarius woman exudes confidence that makes what can seem impossible to others a walk in the park for her. That confidence can both work for and against her.

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sagittarius woman sagittarius woman

Sagittarius Woman and Compatibility

She can be quite selective when it comes to partners. Generally speaking, she is most compatible with Aries, Leo, Libra, and Aquarius. She may want to avoid Virgo and Pisces. It's best to double-check with one of our uber-talented Astrologists to get a better idea of where you fit in with her.

A Natural Beauty

The Sagittarius woman's appearance causes her to radiate. She's hard to miss. It's not that she's wearing the highest fashion or a lot of makeup. She's a natural beauty, often with great skin, body shape, and a glow that is warm and welcoming. She has a presence about her that's difficult to ignore. Some find it impossible to take their gaze off of her. She has an almost hypnotizing quality about her. If she locks in on you, you'll be hard-pressed to break free of her gaze. It's no wonder why people find the Sagittarius woman so attractive.

description of a sagittarius woman description of a sagittarius woman

How to Get a Sagittarius Woman to Fall in Love?

She’s the hunter in love. Going after who and what she wants. She’s usually already in a relationship or not interested in you. That’s usually how it works. Confrontation is your only option, as much as she might get a kick from flowers, chocolate, and acts of romance. She won't be so easily swayed. That just gets your foot in the door. It won't be nearly enough to get her to consider you seriously. For that to take place, you'll have to challenge her. That's right! You'll have to create some drama, confront her on some ideal, create a problem where the only solution is to drag things out, upset her apple cart, challenge her views and somehow, manage to end in a draw. And, of course, you can't let her win. If she does, she'll lose respect for you. On the other hand, defeat her in a way that makes her feel embarrassed and she'll resent you. She's ultra-competitive.

In a partner, she wants an equal who she can respect and admire. Someone who can keep up with her. Someone as resilient as she is, if not more. She may not have any illusions about what she is, but she can sometimes be prone to idealism when it comes to her mates. She may become in love with what she thinks that person is, and not actually who they are. What follows is a long, drawn-out process of becoming disillusioned by their choice of a partner. The same person they once loved, they now cannot bear to see anymore. Their love becomes their enemy, as much as she once loved them, she will soon feel nothing at all.

The Sagittarius Woman in Love

In love, she's a doting mother, respectful wife, and the perfect homemaker. I'm kidding. She's challenging, never satisfied, and rebellious by nature as she is anti-establishment. Even at home, she'll buck trends and make a point of doing things her way. She will keep things extremely interesting, passionate, and take you places that you've never been before. She bores very easily and doesn't waste time staring at her own reflection in still water. She’s got places to be and things to do. She is looking for a mate that will compliment her life, instead of she mold herself into yours. She's the proverbial stone that gathers no moss. Always on the move, forever transforming into a higher version of herself, a mate will have to be OK with playing second fiddle to her hopes and dreams. In return, they will share a life of passion, excitement, and where boredom is a distant memory.

The Sagittarius Woman in Bed

The Sagittarius woman is a mix of passion and purpose in bed. You need to bring your a-game with her. It’s not so much about impressing her as it about outdoing yourself and bringing your best each and every time. Do that or don’t bother. The Sagittarius woman is not passive sexually. She can be very dominant. In fact, it’s not that unusual for a man to feel that he has underperformed. Few can withstand that level of passion and desire.

The Sagittarius Woman Negative Traits

Her negatives traits can make the Sagittarius woman intimidating. And she's OK with that. At times, she even prefers to be feared and respected rather than loved and admired. Here is where it's impossible to avoid stepping on hooves...sorry, toes. The Sagittarius woman's drive and fearlessness, which help her achieve great success, come at a price. She can quite literally steamroll over every obstacle in her way. Loved ones included. Whether a lover or child, don't try to stop her from her goals. She can become obsessed with whatever she sets her sights on. Whether it's a place, a person or spiritual height, she'll reach it, come hell or high water. She never gives up. Her home, her peace of mind, her job, even those closest to her, can become collateral damage, a fair price to pay to satisfy her need to achieve.

A Sagittarius woman can sometimes overstep boundaries, overconfident in who she is. There is rarely if ever a moment of reflection about her behavior. Doubting herself is not an option. Questioning others, on the other hand, is a way of life. If you value your privacy, don't share too much with her. If you happen to offend, annoy, or upset her, chances are that everyone will hear your secrets.

A Rebel and a Leader

Where there are women marching, a Sagittarius woman was most likely involved in getting things started. If there is a revolt, she's in the back planning, encouraging and pushing her people to keep the revolution alive. If there is a union formed at the workplace, she's the driver behind it—making all the phone calls, getting everyone riled up and motivated to do what is right. She's a warrior, unafraid of everyone, everything, and anything. She walks to the beat of her own drum. She blazes her own path to her own destiny, fearlessly overcoming every obstacle in her way. She's an integral part of society. Without her, chaos would ensue. There would be no one to stand up to bullies or protect the weak. No one to challenge norms or see whether or not there was room for improvement in society. Within the Sagittarius woman, you will find an unbreakable soul, wisdom beyond words, and love that goes beyond what most could hope to attain.
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